Joseph Simmons, a.k.a "Reverend Run" was born in Hollis, Queens in 1964. The youngest of three boys, he became fascinated with music at a young age. Although a drummer by nature, he soon learned how to DJ, which was becoming the most elite hobby amongst the black youth of New York in the late seventies. His name was “ DJ Run, the son of Kurtis Blow” named after whom he deejayed for. One house party after the other, DJ Run's popularity grew and even caught the attention of his older brother Russell, who was busy creating a record label named Def Jam which would go on to be the biggest rap label in the world.

Along with deejaying, Simmons was also a very good MC. He formed a rap group RUN DMC with his partners Daryl McDaniels(DMC) and Jason Mizell (Jam Master Jay). Soon after they recorded their first song, the country, then the world, became their stomping grounds. They are the first rappers to sell a Gold, Platinum and multi-Platinum album. The first rappers to have a video on MTV. the first rap group on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, and the first rappers to be nominated for a Grammy award. The list goes on and on. Simmons' love for the stage placed him as the unquestionable leader of the group. With him at the helm they became the most important rap group of all time.

But for Joseph, the late eighties were a dim period and he found that success didn’t always equal happiness. In his search for fulfillment, he found Zoe Ministries. The life principles that he is being taught by Bishop E. Bernard Jordan helped him to regain control of his life and he went from serving as an usher to eventually an ordained minister. With his faith behind him he took on the name Reverend Run to let the world know that his calling to Christ still included his calling to rap, unlike what most thought.

The loving husband and proud father of 5 children, Reverend Run to this day has continued to soar. With a new sneaker that sold over a million pair in 2002, numerous concerts, guest appearances with other artists, motivational speaking engagements, movie and TV show parts, along with achieving the highest accolades in music, Rev Run’s future is always looking bright. Despite the loss of longtime partner and friend Jam Master Jay in late 2002, he holds his head high, knowing his place in God, music history and in the heart of millions.

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