School of the Prophets

What is the School of the Prophets?

What You Will Learn, What You Will Need

What is the School of the Prophets?
The School of the Prophets (Level One) is a ministerial school of development for those who are called to any aspect of Christian ministry, and especially targets those who are called to or desire a deeper understanding of the prophetic ministry. Through the delineation of the prophetic component found throughout Scripture, the validity of the prophetic ministry for today is clearly determined to dispel the inordinate degree of unbelief, skepticism and prejudice which permeates the Church.

The School of the Prophets specializes in establishing an ethical foundation of servanthood leadership to impact the lives of students during their crucial season of preparation for and maturation of ministry. Through the reiteration of the necessary balance between authority and submission, Bishop Jordan’s teachings compel the students to assess their motives and attitudes as well as their performance and giftings. The School of the Prophets leaves a significant imprint on the lives of all who attend, in every facet of life, as the principles are applicable to business, family, government and interpersonal relationships.

The School of the Prophets is a unique interlude in your progressive Christian walk, and will propel you towards the successful cultivation of the gift of God within you!

What You Will Learn:
Ramah —The Place of Training. Deals with an analogy that compares the stage of development that King David was in when he went to Ramah, to the phase of development that you pass through in the process of maturity today.

Prophetic Fathers —Deals with the necessity of having men step into a level of maturity where thy can hear and speak forth the counsel of the Lord, functioning as fathers in the Church providing oversight and covering.

Divine Order in Training—Learning the rank, file, order and protocol within the House of the Lord.

Bethel—The Place of Training, further teaching on functioning within the House of the Lord.

Gilgal—The Place of Training - entails aspects of the actual training that the Old Testament prophets received, and makes the comparison to the stages of development experience today.

Ministry of the Seer—Explains the ministry of the seer and teaches the distinction between a prophet and a seer.

Purpose of the Seer—Delineates the function of purpose of the seer ministry.

Seeing in the Realm of the Spirit—Explores the ability to see into the realm of the Spirit and what to do with the visions that are seen.

The Judgment of the Lord—The Urim and Thummin—Gives a historical study on the Urim and Thummin with a comparison to the manner of judgment that is exercised by the Body of Christ today.

Renewing the Mind—The essential need to study the Word of God in order to overcome the various mindsets, traditions, and errors that have been mistaken for truth.

Understanding the Glory—Studying the glory of the Lord; its definition and its function.

Old Testament Seers—Specific historical study of the Old Testament Seers.

The Heart of the Shepherd—Deals with the proper attitude that all ministry gifts should have towards the flock of God.

Levels of Prophecy—Deals with the various types of prophecy and their function in the Church.

Cutting Covenant For Team Ministry—Teaches the necessity of loyal relationships for the maximum effectiveness of ministry.

Ascension Gifts—Discusses the gifts that were given to the Church by Jesus upon His ascension into Heaven.

Learning to Cleave—Understanding the setting of the Lord and the Elisha principle.

Ministering Out of Relationship or Out of Prostitution—Explores the importance of correct motives and right relationships in ministry.

The Prophet and The Local Church—Discusses the ministry of prophets and how they are to function in the local church to their maximum potential of blessing.

The Purpose of Eldership—Understanding elders, their purpose and their qualification.

Prophesying From the Individual or Corporate Realm—Discusses the difference between prophetic words that are for the Body of Christ at large, and those that are meant for specific individuals.

Ministry of the Prophetess—Can women prophesy? YES! This is a study on the prophetesses of Scripture.

Ministering in Divine Order—Examines the issue of authority and submission within the House of the Lord.

What You Will Need
As a registered student at the School of the Prophets, you must obtain the textbook for the course. Within its pages you will find a detailed definition, both Scriptural and historical, of the necessity of the School of the Prophets and its function in the Body of Christ. The 113-page textbook also serve as the workbook which every registered student must complete in order to obtain a School of the Prophets certificate of completion.

Highly Recommended For the Truly Serious Student: Supplemental Material. Perhaps you are unable to attend a session of the School of the Prophets as it is held around the nation. Or, perhaps you are an alumni and you would just like to review the course again in the privacy of your home. If you fit into any of the above categories, this correspondence course package is designed just for you! If you are a serious student of the prophetic ministry, then this package comes highly recommended for you!

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