Why did Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt? The thing that was preserving her caused her to look back. Salt is a preserver. It will preserve the thing that you fixate your attention on. Until that idea could be destroyed in her, she could not move on. So, therefore, life reduced her to the very thing that was preserving Sodom in her. There is nothing wrong with salt. The question is what is it preserving? The very thing that the salt is preserving in you is what needs to be rooted out from you.


What idea in you is being preserved? What thing do you keep looking back at, longing to go back to? What idea is it that is roaming around in you that you keep nurturing? It is not the salt that is the problem in this case, because you cannot have impact unless there is contact. What is your salt having contact with, that it’s preserving, that it needs to let go?


What are you flirting with? What are you dating? What are you allowing to hang around your temple? What is it that you are preserving? What idea are you preserving? What thing are you holding onto? If I can get you to have one thought today, maybe you will change that idea that you have been preserving for far too long. Some things, especially those things that do not bear fruit or profit shall I say, you need to let go.


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What are you preserving from your past?

Discover Your Role

Jesus came down through forty and two generations. It looked like he was orchestrating everything from the other side, even to the fact of getting Rahab a prostitute in his bloodline, and Ruth, who were not even Israelites, but was a Gentile. He had all of these people in his bloodline who were not supposed to be anything. They were destined for failure. Rahab, was a whore. Ruth was a Moabite. They had no business even in the family of God. Jesus set it all up, and then turned around and allowed conditions to happen so that Mary and Joseph would be forced out of an area, and the Christ child would be born in Bethlehem. Because of a tax situation, he stirs things up, so that he can be born in the location that he is supposed to be born in.


You have created all the drama that is in your life. All the drama in your life right now, you created it. You set it up for your own experience. As soon as you remember it, you are going to come up out of it.


Even that piece of hell you married, that crazy family you married into, those half retarded children that you are living with, all of that drama was your creation. Just own it. Once you do, it will land you in a specific place. Perhaps you thought that you could not withstand the pressure, and that you would die in the struggle. Well guess what? You are still here, stronger and wiser than ever. You were built to last, just like God.



Have you been looking for an open door to be used for the Lord’s Kingdom? Won’t it benefit you to operate in the prophetic in all areas of your life. This year, I want to gift you this FREE Course and experience the Power of Prophecy as a gift to open your mind to receive the Mind of Christ.

What are you setting up for your future today?


Discover Who You Are

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word

was with God, and the Word was God. The same

was in the beginning with God. All things

were made by him; and without him was not any

thing made that was made. In him was life; and

the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

John 1:1-5

When the scripture speaks of the light of men, another way of looking at this is the light of manifestation. In the beginning was the Word. In the beginning was thought. In the beginning was an idea. All of it was with God. That is why you meet no one for the first time on this plain. We already met each other in the eternal past, in the one mind, which is in the one God. I even believe we chose our brothers and sisters. We made an agreement to come to the planet and show up in the same household to work out our challenges and differences, just to discover the fact that we can overcome.


The point is that when we arrived on earth, we forgot everything about our divine nature, and now we have to remember who we are all over again. We have to be taught all about our divinity and our invisibility. They taught you about your faults and failures. They taught you that you were weak and frail. But ye are gods. That’s what they did not teach you. That is why Jesus had to come, not to reveal himself to you, but to reveal yourself to you. You needed to know who you are. Jesus went through major extremes to reveal himself to you and you.



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Lord, reveal to me who I am, according to who You are.

The Indestructible You

Matter cannot be destroyed it can only change forms. That is why you will never die. You cannot be destroyed by anyone. The only one that can destroy you is you. You will just change forms. Right now, you are man, meaning human. When you get tired of being man, you will die and go back to being God. Just like that, you change forms. Then, when you get tired of being God, you go somewhere else and you will be something else. You may come back and want to be a rock. Rocks can speak. God said, if you do not praise him, the rocks will cry out.


And he answered and said unto them, I tell

you that, if these should hold their peace,

the stones would immediately cry out.

Luke 19:40


You shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and it shall obey you. Mountains will move for you. All things in nature have ears, because all things are some form of life. Is God expressing himself in those kinds of forms? God expresses Himself in everything that is. Everything that is, is God. There is only one mind, which is the sum total of just one God. There is only one God, only one power, only one mind. There is one mind, yet many ideas. Every person on earth is just an expression of God’s idea. So you are an expression of God in your own unique sense.


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How do you express your unique sense of being like God?

Overcome The Fear of Getting

Go into a field, and you’ll see weeds. Weeds do not spell lack. The trees are getting ready to blossom shortly, and when they come out they go all out with such an extravagant display of beauty and splendor. When they drop, they drop it all. They do not save a seed for the next year. They let all of their colorful leaves fall down to the ground because they know within they will get it all back again. When you have no fear of getting, you have no fear of giving. Do you want know why you cannot give it all away? Because you are not certain that you will create it all again.


Trees get a new wardrobe every year. They get a whole new set of clothing, and they are flamboyant about it. Nothing in nature spells poverty. Nothing in nature spells lack. Therefore, it is against our nature when lack is present. The presence of lack only can exist in us when there is a lie roaming around within us. Where there is lack, there is a lie. Nature is an inexhaustible storehouse of riches. The supply will never run short. God

would have never put all of us on the planet and there not be enough gold to sustain all of us. There is no shortage in nature. The only shortage in you, is in your mind.


Have you ever wondered why a millionaire can loose everything that he or she has earned, and in one or two months earns back everything and then some?  Why is this?  The millionaire mind knows that the same place from whence they received their first allotment of millions still exists. It is the source of all things. The millionaire’s creed is, “If I can make it once, surely I can twice, and three times if necessary.”  Most millionaires realize that the thief comes to tamper with the mind. That is why many rich people spend massive amounts of money on things that will enhance the mind.


The poor spend on things that minister to the needs of their flesh, concerts, parties, clothing, iPhones, iPads,, so on. Of course rich people buy into these things too. The difference is that the poor buys these things exclusively to deal with their everyday problems. Theses things become their release. The rich buys into things that invest into the mind, seminars, books, tapes, teaching CD’s, weekend intensive trainings, and the likes thereof. Rich people refuses to buy the lie that the thief comes to implant.


What is the lie? Here is the big lie—there is shortage in the earth or there is a shortage in God. Guarding yourself from this maniac mindset will not only protect you but also cause you to grow in wealth beyond your wildest dreams. So what you suffered a bad quarter that only means that next quarter should be off the charts.  There are acres of raw land, just a few miles north of New York that is uninhabited. There is enough room on the planet for everyone to have a mansion and extra acreage to run around on. So you can leave your windows wide open and you would never have to use blinds again. Abundance is all around you.

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What are the things you can do to recognize the abundance around you?

Beware of the Thief

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and

to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they

might have life, and that they might have it

more abundantly.

John 10:10

Whoever tries to bring you a god that is not for-profit, is actually bringing you God upside down, which is the devil. Anything that not for-profit, is a thief. And the thief comes for one reason in three parts—to steal, kill, and destroy. In summation the thief comes for this reason—to take your life away. Now most people would instantly think that this life that the thief comes to take away your life, as in killing you physically. But he does something far worse than that, he steals and destroys your consciousness,

if you let him.

You give rise to the devil that you create and entertain in your thoughts. Aside from that, there is no devil. The thief introduces false concepts about being poor when in fact there is no one who is really poor.  Since we are created in the very image and likeness of God Almighty, we cannot be poor. If we are truly poor then God too is poor since we are just like Him. Nothing about nature spells welfare. Poorness is a state and condition of the mind, one that the thief implanted by your permission.


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Identify what the thief is trying to steal from your life right now.


Where you lay your head determines how you dream

You got on track because you were in bed with the enemy. You have to be careful about whom you are sleeping with. You have to be very careful to guard your mind from proponents of lack and small thinking. Who are you sleeping with? You can look at your bed partners and tell what you are going to wake up with. Where you lay your head determines how you dream. That is why you better watch whom you say I do to, because you are sharing the same pillow. Wherever you lay your head, or who you lay your head with, determines how you dream.


Notice people in the scriptures lay down in death and resurrect in something else. Samson laid his head in the lap of Delilah and woke up and discovered his strength was gone. Where you lay your head determines how you dream. Don’t confuse this message with your physical bed. I am talking about the person that is sleeping with you in consciousness, that has you doing things a certain way. That determines how far you go in life. It also determines where you go in life, and what your end will look like.


Here is the pivotal point, the point you’ve been waiting for. The moment you make a decision within yourself that you are going to walk a certain way, others that are not in that certain way, will not come your way. You are in your right mind. Make the right choice!



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Father God in me, I thank you for the truth of the word of God, which comes to set me free. Now, father, teach me how to do things in a certain way that will cause certain success, right success. I make a decision to connect with right people, right sets of circumstances, right conditions.


Father God, I worship you. I thank you now for the wisdom, the truth of your words. Live in me, become large in me, and explode in me in a dimension that I have never known. Now, Heavenly Father, I thank you for stretching my imagination, for causing me to grow mentally and come into the liberty that you have ordained of me.

A Good Name Brings You Money

Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee

out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and

from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will

shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation,

and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and

thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that

bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in

thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Genesis 12:1-3


The Bible says God will make your name great! Just knowing that you meditating on and visualizing someone willing to pay you for other people to wear you name. Ask yourself this question, “How can I get people to wear my name?” Why are they wearing DKNY, why are they not wearing my initials? The Bible says that he will make your name great. When was the last time somebody bought your name? This is about empowerment.  This is about economic empowerment. This is about self-empowerment. This is the Business of Getting Rich. Are you going to become great? Greatness is a choice!


In Genesis, God told Abraham; I will make your name great. Did you know that God is into names? God wants to put your name up in lights. Go ride through Broadway and tell me if your name is up on the billboard, on the marquees, on a movie that you are starring in. Some of you may not think about stuff like that, but I do. When I walk down streets I look up and say, “Why is my name not up there? Why are they not wearing my initials? They should be wearing my initials.”There is a lot of talking about the Kingdom of God these days. But one thing that is forever true is that the Kingdom of God forces you to produce. Stop buying into escapist theology. Most saints are just looking for one glad morning, when this life is over, because someone told them they were going to fly away. Newsflash! You are not flying anywhere. You better fly now, this is the most flying you will ever do. There are no wings reserved for you.  And make sure that when you fly, your name is on the side of the Gulf Stream. The oppressor cannot keep you down. The only thing that keeps you down is the lack of leadership within yourself. The same government was in power until Moses arose. When Moses rose up, he overthrew the existing force. Do you know why Mayor Giuliani gets away with what he gets away with in this city? They are just waiting for leadership to rise up. As a people, we only do well in bad times. Give you a little prosperity; it is like putting a pacifier in your mouth. You stop hollering. What I am trying to show you is that we quit with pacifiers. Presents keep us quiet now.


People of color owned more land before civil rights than now. African Americas had more businesses back then. One person said they remembered when baseball, had all black players; The only thing in it that was white was the ball. There were all black films. When we fought for integration that put producers in the black community out of business. Do you not know how many cabs lost money because of black baseball, and how many black franchises lost money when we lost black baseball?


When we wanted integration, we integrated the worker but did not integrate the producers. As a class, they are where they are because they do not do things in a certain way. That is why we are dealing with this subject matter. The hope you have of getting rich is in your name, and God’s already given you a great one. If you don’t know your name is great, then you will have to get your mind right. You have to get into the right state of consciousness. Remember that you began on the right side of the track, and then you got derailed.



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What is the status of the integrity of your name?

Knowledge and Consciousness

Knowledge is important. I encourage knowledge and everyone to get as much education as possible. However, education does not influence God. Faith is the only voice God respects. Faith is the only method that impresses God to activate miracles. You will not see miracles activated until you use the method called faith. Consciousness tunes you into the frequency of the tide. The tide comes and the tide goes. You have to know how to ride the tide when it comes. At different periods the tide of opportunity sets in different directions, according to the needs of the whole and the particular stages of the social evolution, which has evolved.


For example, at the break of the year 2000 everyone was talking about Y2K and Y2K compliance. The very talk of all of that news was the announcement of the tide coming in. People made multiple millions of dollars on any and everything that had to do with Y2K.  Home Depot made tons of money. People had to buy electric burners, and kerosene burners just in case the electricity went out. All of the gift shops made money on candles.  The price of water went very high since everyone was buying up all the existing water, causing water to be on backorder. People were buying groceries like it was going out of style. The software industry perhaps made the most money, scaring people into believing that their computers would all become obsolete if they did not install new Y2K compliant software. Today you can’t even give away the software that they were selling for top dollar. The bottom line is that they all rode on the tide.


They knew that the tide was coming in. Everybody was making money. Were you?  All of the church folks were hiding and praying, while the brilliant minds were thinking of ways to capitalize of the amazing opportunity. Why did the church miss the great opportunity? They were not in consciousness. God set it up for everyone to make big bucks, but the church folks were too busy trying to analyze the entire situation with their five husbands—the senses. The senses will cause you to lose every time. And you will lose big listening to your senses. You have to have your finger on the pulse of what God is doing. When your finger is on the pulse of what God is doing, you will begin to know how God is moving.


I spoke a word of prophecy in 1999, saying “In the turn of the century new millionaires will be made, new billionaires will be made. Why, because technology has changed. The needs of the world will change. That is why you should find your center and work it, but you have to learn this law, press the pants while the iron is hot. What you have going may not be able to last you always.”  The Lord was trying to get His people to act now!


That thing that you’ve been doing may live for about five months, after that it may become obsolete. Think of those that were making money and became millionaires off of the afro-comb. Is that still selling today? If it is, it’s not selling in the quantities that it sold for back then. Do you understand this? You have to understand what are the needs, what are the trends.


Things move in trends and cycles. Whatever you are doing today, you may not be doing twenty years from now. You have to be in a current move of God, or in the heartbeat of God, and understand trends and cycles. You cannot be afraid of change.


Those who are afraid of change, or those that will not step into the unfamiliar, are going to be obsolete. Nothing is sadder than watching someone trying to function under a prehistoric anointing.


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What CHANGE are you afraid to make today?