If you don’t have a relationship with money and you don’t know how to romance it, it won’t stay. As Reverend Ike taught us, money—like a high-class woman—must be handled in a certain way. You can’t talk to it any ol’ way…it expects you to treat it with respect, open arms, and love. When money starts spending time with you, if it likes where it is, it will say, “I have so much fun here and feel so appreciated that I think I’ll stay.” Money is comfortable with me, because my mind is a comfort zone for it.


Most people, when they get a little bit of money in their bank accounts get so crazy, they  either think of ways to spend it or think of ways to protect it. They don’t take risks to grow their money. Instead, money makes them feel afraid — afraid that it will run out. This fearful relationship with money causes you to lose money. This scarcity mentality will manifest in your life if you are focusing on the lack of money.


You are called to have dominion over everything on earth. From the time humans were created, this has been your call. Why are you being fearful for the lack of money? Money is money; it is easily gained and easily spent. You need to be the master of money, instead of letting money be your master.


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Are you letting money become your master, instead of letting money be your master?

Let the Money Play

Reverend Ike told us that the paper money we have in our wallets isn’t money. If you would call it money, it would be the lowest form of money. True money is energy directed by our thoughts, and it can take any form we collectively agree upon. You could create a business, a new product, or develop an idea tonight that could pay off your house. All you have to do is come up with an idea that offers a solution. Right now, many people will say they have problems, and they’ll attribute them to the recession, but others are looking at the same recession and calling it a harvest. It all depends on how you see it.  You can’t see the harvest if your mind is not a comfort zone for money. When your mind becomes a comfort zone for money, it can come into your life at any time. There are no locks on the door of your mind that money can’t open. It can even come in while you’re sleeping, and when it does, it will feel welcome and natural. It will stay with you, sticking closer to you than a brother.


Money has been asking if it can come over and play. If you say yes, if it likes the play, it will stay, because it’s your friend. If you treat it like a friend, it will continue to want to be around you, but if you reject it, it will leave. Never tell money you can’t play. People have become so rigid when it comes to money. They take money so seriously that it consumes their every thought, action, and word. Are you chasing after money, instead of chasing after the blessing? When you see your wallet, and see little money in it, instead of seeing it as lack, you see it as space to grow, then you’ve already grown.


The people who focus on money aren’t the ones who get rich. The people who focus on changing the world does. The people who seeks to innovate and transform life as we know it, swim in abundance and prosperity, and they’re still getting richer. How come? They are focused on something bigger than the money they have on their wallets, and their bank accounts. They are focused on transforming the world.



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Are you chasing after money or the blessing?

Transform Into A Good Steward of Blessings


To be a good steward of blessings, we have to manage our wealth in the right way and motives. We all have the ability to tithe because we have been blessed. However, not all give their tithes in integrity because they do not know how to manage them right. Oftentimes, we make sure that our expenses have been settled first before we can set aside for giving. Is this a good practice? Practically speaking, it maybe is; but righteously speaking, it is not.

Put God First

We do not make tithing the last, for it is like making God our least priority. He must always be the first in our life, including our work, talents and entire wealth. Simply put, tithing must be the first destination of our blessings once it lands on our hands. Remember that God did not ask for the least of the crops, but of the first fruits. The amount of tithe is really not a big deal, what matters most is the heart to put God first above everything, most especially in our finances.

Managing Wealth

Managing our finances is never easy, but as we trust God with everything, surely, God will ordain everything for us. A good manager never had a backlog of work. He makes sure that everything is in order. As managers of entrusted wealth, we must be able to make sure that our wealth and talents are secure in terms of having a budget and a specific plan for them.

Remember that to be in integrity is to live with the wholeness of the mind, heart, as well as time and intentions. We do not let God wait for our tithes. We give back to Him when and where it is due. In order for us not to have trouble with our tithes and other giving, we must manage our finances righteously at the right time and with the right amount.

An unorganized person has questionable integrity. Remember that a person who is always late and cannot manage things right is someone who lacks control over his life. In order to keep our tithes in integrity, we have to be good stewards of our life and blessings.

Pondering on Your Blessings

It is also imperative that you understand how you view and manage your blessings.  On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how do you manage your budget and other blessings? What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses in terms of stewarding God’s blessings? In two to three sentences, give ways on how you can improve your stewardship.

Learning from Rev. Ike

What we must first understand is that what creates our reality is where and how we focus our thoughts, where we put our attention, and with what intention we focus our thoughts and intentions.  Reverend Ike taught that the psychology of money is success and prosperity. He taught that when it comes to reality, there is nothing but that which is already in our minds.


Never express an indifference to money, because when you do, you ward it off. It doesn’t  come to you. When you say you don’t have seed to sow, you express an indifference to money. When you do that, the law of attraction dictates that the money must in turn become indifferent to you. It will. You must make your mind a comfort zone for money. Get rid of your money-rejection complex.


We are not worshipping money, here, but giving praise over it the way Jesus gave praise over the five fishes and two loaves in Matthew 14:16-21. What happened when He gave praise and thanks? The fishes and the loaves multiplied. What would happen if you lifted up your money today? What would take place right now if you grabbed your money and gave praise? The next time you got ready to circulate it, it would come back in a never-ending cycle of increase and enjoyment. So, give it and praise.

Dedicate your heart to God, and the blessings follow. The believer who focuses his sight on the Lord views his wealth in abundance because He is in the Lord. Dedicate your money to the Lord. Do not view money and God to be separate ends of the spectrum. That’s exactly what Satan wants you to think. He wants you to view money to be evil, and that if you have money, you won’t have God, and if you have God, you won’t have money. It doesn’t make sense, because we serve a God of abundance. Wealth comes from God. Remember, He gives us the ability to produce wealth.

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Do you view God to be separate from money? How does money become evil?


The primary contribution of leaders is to enroll people in their own vision. As a leader enrolls the people he leads into the vision, he is keeping them motivated and stimulated, and thereby committed to making the vision a reality. Whether you call it salesmanship, persuasion, or communication, leaders are firm, and are passionate in making their vision clear that this drives people to move to action.


The so called “enrollment” is at the very core of an effective leadership.

When we say enrollment, it means opening up to a new possibility for another so that he can take action on it. Whether your enrollment is as a manager, a parent, a spouse, a friend, or a neighbor, your ability to produce results is dependent on your prowess to interact with people in a manner that accomplishes something.


Leadership empowers people to live in a perspective that their visions are not just important but are achievable. Leaders are those people who are ordinary in every way except that their zeal about vision is so compelling that they are already living passionately to the direction of their visions.  Everyone has a vision of tomorrow. We have our own dreams, our ideals in life. The question is, “How far can you go to take that vision into being?” “How passionate are you to make that vision into a reality?”



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What do you desire to cause for your life next year?

Are you effective in enrolling others to your vision?