You Must Set Anchors

Effective teaching with anchors then is an ability that requires users to be able to associate the knowledge they want to impart with strong, positive internal states of their students (Dilts & DeLozier, 2000). In the two ways of creating anchors — one through repetition of linking responses with stimuli and the other linking responses to strong internal states, the latter produces more immediate results. Nevertheless, both methods can be used as this will enrich one’s teaching abilities even more.

The strong internal state anchoring, though the more lasting approach, has its limitations as well. In some cases, the repetitive method becomes more appropriate.

An Example of Using Anchors

As an example, let’s say a couple is preparing for childbirth. The husband is usually in the role of the coach to the expectant mother. One of the challenges of being a coach during birth is that the experience is so intense that it’s hard to transfer everything you know because the real situation is so different than the one in which you practice. You practice breathing and various other techniques at home in a comfortable state, but when the reality occurs, it’s a completely different situation that makes it difficult to remember all the techniques that you have practiced.

One helpful strategy is to make an anchor. When the expectant mother is in the state that she wants to be able to maintain throughout the birth process, she can make an internal anchor, such as a symbol. You could ask her, “What would symbolize this state?” Let’s say she imagines a nautilus shell — a snail shell that has a big opening on the bottom. The couple could then actually buy one of these shells. Then during all their practice sessions, the expectant mother could focus her eyes on the shell. The shell may then be brought into the hospital during the actual childbirth process, and be an ongoing trigger to help generalize the desired state to the actual birthing process. (Dilts & DeLozier, 2000, pp. 31-32)

Some Thoughts to Ponder Over

What are examples by which you can apply the repetitive method for anchoring? What strong internal states can you link to things you need to learn and remember, as well as use as anchors? Are there times wherein you have placed an anchor and failed? Which strategy did you use?


A lot of things you do will contradict where you are in consciousness. You might be a woman making a lot more money than people expect, what might be considered a man’s salary. Why? Because you have a prophetic progression happening inside you, in consciousness, that is putting you in another world of limitations. But understand that you can only move in prophetic progression when you understand prophetic direction.


Use what you have to provide the vacuum, and then draw upon the necessary elements to fill it. Compare it to getting a new wardrobe: to make room for the new articles of clothing you’ll be bringing home, you have to remove some of the old pieces from the closet to create a vacuum.


Use what you have to get what you want. Reach up with your stalk, spread out your branches. Provide the pull, and you can let your roots search for the necessary nourishments. Your seed is at work behind the scenes.


Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they

shall be filled (Matthew 5:6).


First, I thirst, and then I thirst no more. First you have to thirst for prosperity, and then you can come in to prosperity. Why was it that the first generation that tried to enter into the Promised Land with the Nation of Israel did not succeed? Because they did not actually thirst for the Promised Land. Their appetite was for God, for complaining to Him and blaming Him for not giving them what they thought they wanted. Sometimes there is a tendency to be so busy looking at the limitations or looking at the struggle that we can’t see the thing that is sitting right in front of us and waiting for us to claim it.


God is a wise God. He prepared everything for you. And then, He created the desire for the things you need, and placed it in your heart. As you desire these things, God takes pleasure in blessing you.


God is a good God. Let go of the mindset that you have to perform to deserve the blessings that God already prepared in advance for you to have. You and I deserve nothing. But Jesus made a way so that we can have everything, according to His glorious riches. We don’t need to perform or to be the best.


Stop trying to perform. Stop trying to do it your own way. Stop depending on your cash, on your job, and your capabilities to provide for yourself. You will always come up short.

We only need to recognize that we need God and nothing else. Everything else is up for grabs, because we are His. As a child of God, what is it that you want to ask your Father for?



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Ask the Lord for prophetic direction for the coming year. It is a priority to hear direct instructions from the Lord.


While one thing is happening in your consciousness, something else may—and very likely will—be happening in your immediate physical world that seems contradictory to where you are in your consciousness. Remember: what you give, you receive, and this holds true no matter what.


If you are rich in consciousness, you will see riches manifest even if you have little money. Likewise, if you have a poverty-stricken consciousness, you will attract poverty even if you live in a mansion.



For example, it was a contradiction in the physical world people saw me living in that I should have a Rolls Royce. The car was almost longer than the front door of the church that had twenty people sitting in it—how could I afford to drive such an expensive car to such a small, humble sanctuary? Because that is the nature of prophetic dynamics.


Be grateful for what you have right now. When you have a grateful heart, your emotions will be that of abundance, instead of lack. When you feel abundant, you are creating for your life an abundant life. So a man thinks, so is he. If you on the other hand, are worried and complaining about life, then you will create a future that is filled with the things you are worrying and complained about.


How are you building up your blueprint? You have a blueprint that dictates the future you are living into. The thoughts, the beliefs, and the attitudes you are maintaining today will become the circumstances that you will experience in the future. It’s as simple as that.


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What can you do this week to bless your neighbor?

Get Acquainted with the Nature of Anchoring


According to Vaknin (2008), anchoring is the way by which you get into the right state for what we want to do. This process involves connecting a symbol with the desired state or a resource state. It is called a resource state because you are more resourceful when you place or find yourself in this state (Vaknin, 2008). Once you have a symbol, you fire the anchor in order to trigger the associated resource state. Anchoring is related to behaviorism (Vaknin, 2008). Behaviorism reveals to us how to modify our behaviors. This involves a collection of methods used to train animals to do tricks.

Baldwin and Linnea (2010) stressed on anchoring our energy to the center in order to create a container that is capable of holding great sweetness and absorbing great tension. Anchoring also has a profound impact on people’s experiences for subtle and subjective elements, such as a sense of safety, inclusion, spaciousness for story, and the ability to respond appropriately to conflict.

The Behavior Is The Problem

According to Vaknin (2008), behavior modification is at the heart of most problems that we want to change about ourselves. Problems such as procrastination, addiction, and the like can be addressed if we modify our behavior. Through anchoring, we would combine communication with the understanding of our nervous system.

We need to create solutions that run themselves. We want the solution to be permanent. If you had to think about every strategy you use to be excellent, then you’d run out of brain power. People do not usually achieve amazing things just by reading self-help books or TV shows. You need to actually implement the change and sustain it.

People need to realize that anchors influence our behavior and relationships. Being in your workplace will automatically influence your workplace behavior. Moreover, being downtown can trigger your desire to visit your favorite diner or ice cream parlor. Parents help their children sleep by reading stories or playing music, which develops into an evening ritual.

Rituals are anchors that trigger states in a person. For example, a soldier who pulls out a locket from his girl friend back home can be an anchor for him. It will give him either feelings of homesickness or security and warmth.

Thoughts to Ponder Over

These are basic steps for integrating behavior and intention. Ask them to select a behavior for transformation. Identify the intentions behind those behaviors. Next, identify the related outcomes. Plan towards those outcomes. Try implementing the plan. Lastly, evaluate if the intentions and the behaviors are integrated properly.

What You Have to Get What You Want

You must use what you have on the inside—your faith, your persistence, your passion—

to manifest what you want on the outside. The mere existence of the seed is all that is necessary to bring forth a manifestation; it doesn’t matter where the seed lands or what kind of life it has (what kind of life you have). This law is true throughout nature: need creates action, and in all creatures that aren’t human that action occurs without hesitation, without analysis. If forward movement toward the needed object, nutrient, or location is taken, that object, nutrient, or location will be reached.


You have to use what you have to get what you want, and your faith is the most powerful of your “haves.” Everything else is something you can cultivate, or have already cultivated. If you want to be a math teacher, use your knowledge of math to take the necessary courses to get a degree and a teaching certificate. If you want to be an astronaut, use your passion for the cosmos as fuel to take you through the necessary studies and programs that will eventually lead you to NASA.


The potential is already there. All you have to do is take the steps of faith and allow it to happen. It’s there. It’s available to you. Don’t deny yourself the opportunities awaiting you.   God has placed eternity in your hearts — it is the well of your desires. It is because of what Christ has done on the cross that you can ask the Father in Heaven of what you desire — the desires the He himself created for you to have. He created these desires for the very reason of fulfilling them.  The blessings are already in the spiritual realm even before you ask the Lord for them. The issue is not God’s ability to provide. The issue is the relationship you have with God.


How do you experience heaven on earth? You can access eternity while you are still alive when you activate your relationship with Jesus. Ask in the Name of Jesus — the Name of Jesus that you can have claim to when you asked him to be your Lord and Savior. Ask and it will be given to you. Ask and it will manifest on earth as it is in heaven.


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What are the specific things you are seeing heaven here on earth?

The Science of the Seed

If there is life in the nucleus, there is potential in the seed. It will draw to itself the necessary means for growth regardless of external conditions. Regardless of the state of the economy, the seed still has the means for growth. If there has been a sudden and catastrophic setback, the seed still has the means for growth. Regardless whether it’s Republican or Democrat, the seed has what it needs to generate growth.


You may just have been laid off from your job. Maybe you live in Michigan where  there’s a 28% unemployment rate, or in Ohio where it’s closer to 30%; either way, the seed has within itself the necessary means for growth. The power of the seed is innate, and it is not affected by outside forces. It is never changing. The seed has the potential and the ability to meet every challenge and achieve every goal.


We make no apologies when we challenge people to sow the seed in a hard time because the seed always has the quality and the necessary means for growth regardless of the condition.

The seed has everything it needs on the inside. All it needs to complete its task is your faith.  Are you withholding the seed because you are going through tough financial times? As you let the power of the seed grow, as you sow it and you allow it to work for you, you will see that the hard season has passed. God is using that seed to test your faith. Where do you place your trust on? Do you place you trust on your seed? Or do you place it on the One who created and provided for that seed?


God is telling you to use this seed to get you through the hard times. You were not supposed to eat the seed. You were not supposed to consume it. You were supposed to sow it and nourish it by faith.  If you did not sow the seed, how can you expect it to bear fruit? How can you expect provisions and breakthroughs to come when the seed that was supposed to give you these things were withheld? The ability of the seed to bless you does not change in the seasons. Use it for the purpose it was given to you for. Sow and see it bear fruit. Sow and be expectant for a harvest.



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What seed is God telling you to reserve and to store away for use during the hard times?


Most black people were never taught how to become comfortable with money. Instead, they’ve been taught struggle, lack, and government cheese. We’re teaching you how to go within and start circulating money until it becomes money making money making money making money. When you’ve found within you that you have all the money you need, the manifestation of money will attract even more, telling it, “We’re having a great time over here.”


As human culture progressed, we humans were responsible for the progression of money as grain to money as gold and silver, paper, and even plastic. We dictate what constitutes money. Early civilization looked at the sun as gold and the moon as silver. The sun and moon are also time creators, one ruling the hours of day and the other ruling the hours of night. I am tempted to call them time lords, the moon and the sun. Gold and silver. We work by the clock and we earn by the clock, but if we change our way of thinking, we can make the clock, or time, work for us.


Money creates time. Here’s how: if I need my lawn cut, I can spend two hours cutting it on Saturday, or I can use those two hours for something else and pay someone to cut my lawn for me.  When I was in India, I asked a local why their gods have so many hands, and I was told,  “Because they’re gods.” Man can only do everything he has to do with two hands, but gods, as all powerful entities whose hands symbolize power, operate with an infinite number of hands. That’s why the rich look different from the poor: the poor must work with two hands, but the rich have many hands. One hand is the hired chef, another is the driver, another is the housekeeper, and another is the landscaper. The rich

look at the poor and wonder, “How do you find the time to do all the things you do with just those two hands?” When you step into your divinity, wisdom will teach you how to work with the many hands of God in you.  But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment (Matthew 12:36).


Once you get the mindset of the rich, you’ll become rich. Being is a mindset. It is because of your being that you do and have things. Doing things and having things can never make you become something; just like swimming does not make you a fish. Nature dictates action. It is by becoming rich first in your inner blueprint that you can actually become rich in the external aspects of your life. How do the rich people think? They think with an abundance mindset. They do not concern themselves with lack or with how much is left in their pockets. In fact, they are more focused on how they can use their resources to help other people. They are thinking about what they can do with their wealth to make a difference in the world. The amount is not the issue anymore; it’s the impact they are concerned about.


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You Steal from God If You Do Not Tithe


Do you realize that you steal from God when you do not set aside your tithe? There are lots of things that we borrow in this life, even our lives are borrowed. However, most of the things we use cannot be borrowed without asking permission from the owner. In the case of our wealth, talents and blessings, the rightful owner is no less than God, Himself. God allowed us to receive and use these things without any demand in return. Tithing is not even a condition of God. It is something that we do as faithful borrowers.

Tithing is simply returning, not the100%, but the tenth of everything borrowed from the owner. It is like having ten colored pens borrowed from a friend and returning only one instead of the complete ten. This does not mean that you own the pens because you know in your heart that all ten pens are borrowed, and you only returned one.

Know The Owner of the Tithe

To keep the integrity of our tithes, we have to know in our hearts that we give not out of legalistic matters but because we owe it to the rightful owner, who is God. Knowing this, we will have in our hearts the desire to tithe and not the duty to tithe. Once the knowledge that our tithes belong to God is established in our lives, we will not do anything that can hinder us to give less or compromise our tithes.

Robbing the Owner

If you own a thing and someone stole it from you, would you like it? The same thing with our tithes, God will surely not be pleased if we steal His property. Remember that as we remove the integrity in our tithes and offerings, we are stealing from the Lord.

Getting what we do not own without the owner’s permission is stealing. Therefore, knowing that God owns our tithe and not returning it to him is an act of theft. It was clearly written in the book of Malachi that a man robs God by withholding tithes and offerings.

Some Thoughts to Ponder Over

How do you see and put God as the owner of everything in your life? Do you believe that whenever we neglect tithing and offering, we are stealing from the Lord? Why? Have you ever felt that you are stealing from the Lord? If yes, when did this happen? How did you cope in this kind of situation?


If you don’t have a relationship with money and you don’t know how to romance it, it won’t stay. As Reverend Ike taught us, money—like a high-class woman—must be handled in a certain way. You can’t talk to it any ol’ way…it expects you to treat it with respect, open arms, and love. When money starts spending time with you, if it likes where it is, it will say, “I have so much fun here and feel so appreciated that I think I’ll stay.” Money is comfortable with me, because my mind is a comfort zone for it.


Most people, when they get a little bit of money in their bank accounts get so crazy, they  either think of ways to spend it or think of ways to protect it. They don’t take risks to grow their money. Instead, money makes them feel afraid — afraid that it will run out. This fearful relationship with money causes you to lose money. This scarcity mentality will manifest in your life if you are focusing on the lack of money.


You are called to have dominion over everything on earth. From the time humans were created, this has been your call. Why are you being fearful for the lack of money? Money is money; it is easily gained and easily spent. You need to be the master of money, instead of letting money be your master.


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Are you letting money become your master, instead of letting money be your master?

Let the Money Play

Reverend Ike told us that the paper money we have in our wallets isn’t money. If you would call it money, it would be the lowest form of money. True money is energy directed by our thoughts, and it can take any form we collectively agree upon. You could create a business, a new product, or develop an idea tonight that could pay off your house. All you have to do is come up with an idea that offers a solution. Right now, many people will say they have problems, and they’ll attribute them to the recession, but others are looking at the same recession and calling it a harvest. It all depends on how you see it.  You can’t see the harvest if your mind is not a comfort zone for money. When your mind becomes a comfort zone for money, it can come into your life at any time. There are no locks on the door of your mind that money can’t open. It can even come in while you’re sleeping, and when it does, it will feel welcome and natural. It will stay with you, sticking closer to you than a brother.


Money has been asking if it can come over and play. If you say yes, if it likes the play, it will stay, because it’s your friend. If you treat it like a friend, it will continue to want to be around you, but if you reject it, it will leave. Never tell money you can’t play. People have become so rigid when it comes to money. They take money so seriously that it consumes their every thought, action, and word. Are you chasing after money, instead of chasing after the blessing? When you see your wallet, and see little money in it, instead of seeing it as lack, you see it as space to grow, then you’ve already grown.


The people who focus on money aren’t the ones who get rich. The people who focus on changing the world does. The people who seeks to innovate and transform life as we know it, swim in abundance and prosperity, and they’re still getting richer. How come? They are focused on something bigger than the money they have on their wallets, and their bank accounts. They are focused on transforming the world.



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Are you chasing after money or the blessing?