Prophetic Exercise for a New Season

In a new season, we want to stay in sync with the Lord (well in every season actually). We want to discern God’s plans and purposes for this particular season. It’s beneficial to develop your prophetic gift, especially if you desire to develop your gift of prophetic vision.


Use these questions to wait on the Lord for a powerful prophetic picture and word for yourself or for another person you are praying for.


What (new) name is the Father calling me in reference to this coming season?


Ask the Lord for a name or description that is in keeping with your spiritual identity and calling for this year and beyond. As you agree with Jesus about who you are and what you are capable of, His word will bring transformation to your life and things of

the past will begin to drop off you.


‘You will be called by a new name that the mouth

of the Lord will bestow.’ (Is 62:2b)


What is the picture of me in Christ that God is giving me that will help prepare me to reach my highest potential in the coming year?



For Abraham, that was a vision of his descendants. For Gideon, the name the Lord gave him was evocative of leading others into battle and winning in warfare.


If you have a “seer” prophetic gift—the ability to perceive pictures, visions, and dreams—this exercise will be easier for you. If not or you are uncertain, you might find it simpler to ask the Lord for a biblical character with whom you can identify.



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Ask the Lord: What in my hand that I can use (Exo. 4:2)?


The Spiritual Warfare Season


As a believer, you are in a spiritual warfare all the time. As a prophet of God, there are seasons when the warfare gets more intense because a breakthrough is coming in advancing God’s Kingdom. Don’t get caught up in civilian affairs. Instead, stay focused on the spiritual battle right in front of you, soldier of God. If you are being spiritually attacked, do not be discouraged. In fact, spiritual attacks mean you are doing something powerful for the Kingdom of God (i.e. devastating the enemy’s camp). Satan does not like the impact you’re making for God and he will do everything to steal, kill, and destroy your work (Jn. 10:10). Once you recognize that this is what’s happening, then fight the enemy with God’s word. Remember, it’s not a natural battle against flesh and blood (even though sometimes it seems like it), it’s the enemy. Something is happening in the spiritual realm, and you need to put on your full armor (Eph. 6:12-17).



The Transition Season


It is not always a walk in the park to transition from one season into another, even in the best situations. Even great people are ushered in by initial uncertainty. The secret to transitioning well is to first distinguish the change in season and to believe that God’s hand is upon you and that He is always in control.


When you notice things beginning to be disturbed in your life, ask the Holy Spirit what is going on. Moreover, recall prayers you’ve released in the recent weeks, months, and years. Are you undergoing a time of prophetic fulfillment? Dig out prophetic words that have been spoken over your life. In the season of transition, stay prayerful. Being in constant connection with God will help you distinguish between the work of the enemy and the work of the Holy Spirit in your life, which isn’t always obvious—especially in the face of loss.

As you discern a season of transition taking place in your life, get in agreement with God. The Bible tells you that two can walk together but you have to be in agreement (Amos 3:3). Surrender your will to God’s will and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.


When you do this, you’ll find peace and joy, in the midst of change and uncertainty. If you are in a season of transition right now, the Lord would say to you, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you … thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer. 29:11). After all, God is a God of all seasons.


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Do you feel you are in a season of transition? How so?


The Grinding Season

The grinding season is a busy season. In this season, you may be hearing yourself saying, “I don’t have enough time in a day to get everything done!” The truth is, you do have time. You may be thinking, “There’s so many things to learn about the prophetic ministry” or “so much of the Bible to read” or “too many people to schedule time to meet with.”

In this season, the key to success and to accomplishing much in this particular season is seeking God for direction the moment your feet hit the floor. It’s important to plow through your priorities when your work day begins. Don’t allow your busyness to distract you and to take your focus away from your relationship with God.


Attacking your priorities first will also help alleviate undue stress. You’ll be amazed at how much you get accomplished when you dedicate your day to God.

Burn out is a sign that you’re trusting too much in your own capacity to operate in the prophetic ministry. Pace yourself and your tasks. Keep in mind that God does not need you to be busy, He needs you to be productive. Breathe. Pray. Then be excellent for God.


In this season, recognize what needs to get done, write things down, and press through with the strength God gives you, His provision and divine grace. Rely on the Holy Spirit to lead and help you get through the grinding season.


The Tests & Trials Season


If you’re going through some challenging times in this season, know that God is with you right there in the midst of it all. You may be facing resistance or conflict in the ministry or you may be facing unfair judgment or persecution. You are doing the work of God and you are expected to be met with opposition.


God is in control. God is the One who will vindicate you. It may be hard when you’re in the middle of the season, but look back at the times when God made you victorious. You might not even understand what you’re going through or why, but in the past, you experienced how God revealed His greater purposes. But I want  to encourage you that God knows, and in due time, all will be revealed. Again, seasons are temporary.


Maybe God is revealing Himself as your Comforter, your Strong Tower, or your Present Help. God can also give you strength and wisdom. During these seasons, you will experience your relationship with God strengthened. In this hard season, fix  your thoughts on heavenly things, not on things on the earth. The Apostle Paul said, “For this slight momentary affliction is preparing us for an eternal weight of glory beyond all measure” (2 Cor. 4:17).


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How can you be more like Jesus in this season?