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If you don’t have a relationship with money and you don’t know how to romance it, it won’t stay. As Reverend Ike taught us, money—like a high-class woman—must be handled in a certain way. You can’t talk to it any ol’ way…it expects you to treat it with respect, open arms, and love. When money […]

Let the Money Play

Reverend Ike told us that the paper money we have in our wallets isn’t money. If you would call it money, it would be the lowest form of money. True money is energy directed by our thoughts, and it can take any form we collectively agree upon. You could create a business, a new product, […]

Learning from Rev. Ike

What we must first understand is that what creates our reality is where and how we focus our thoughts, where we put our attention, and with what intention we focus our thoughts and intentions.  Reverend Ike taught that the psychology of money is success and prosperity. He taught that when it comes to reality, there […]


The primary contribution of leaders is to enroll people in their own vision. As a leader enrolls the people he leads into the vision, he is keeping them motivated and stimulated, and thereby committed to making the vision a reality. Whether you call it salesmanship, persuasion, or communication, leaders are firm, and are passionate in […]


In our day to day living, people are not committed to having an extraordinary vision. We are in every way normal, seeing just what everybody else sees. However, in leadership, it’s not the case. Leaders are expected to have a very distinguished and extraordinary vision, not the kind that sees through walls but vision that […]

Protect Your Integrity

Integrity—this is one thing that every inspirational leader cannot go without. Vision and passion are regarded with high importance, but we cannot deny the fact that these things will not be valid unless the group is able to trust the person who is leading. No one will be inspired to follow a leader’s footsteps if […]

Inspire People

Leadership must be inspirational. Leaders must have the ability to inspire people in order for them to reach great heights of performance and aim for success. For leadership to be effective, a leader must be seen with zeal and purpose. One cannot inspire if he himself does not know why he is doing the things […]


There is nothing you cannot be cause-in-the-matter of. Being cause-in-the-matter is not a matter of conclusion based on what you have observed in the past. Instead, it is a stand you take so that the events you face occur in a new context; a context wherein you are the cause-in-the-matter. Thus, if you see effects […]


“Being cause in the matter” means you become the cause of everything in your life, as a stand you take for yourself and your life, and acting from that stand (Echeverria, Erhard, Granger, Jensen, & Zaffron, 2013). Taking a stand reveals an expression of your response-ability.   In any given matter, if you can have […]


Your ability to respond to a situation is your response-ability. You have a responsibility for the choices you make. When do you feel most powerless? It is when you have no control over a situation. It is when we have no choice in the matter. On the other hand, we are empowered by increasing our […]