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The Power of Feelings

On the subject of feeling the money, I want to just say a couple of things. Feeling is a technique to get what you want. When you look at the story Jacob and Esau, Rebekah represents the subconscious, or subjective, and Isaac, Jacob’s father, represents the objective mind, or the conscious mind. The mother, in […]


Money moves people and changes thoughts, so it is not money as we think of money, but the power source for changing reality. When money comes into your hands, it creates the awareness of possibility and creation. This changes thinking, which eventually brings about change in the material world. Change like new businesses, new homes, […]


Masters operate on their own level. Reverend Ike, at a certain level, got frustrated with the masses because he had already crossed over into a new dimension. His eyes had already seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. He was trying to leave here more than 10 years ago because he felt like […]


So the masses are looking for a leader to follow. That’s why this is not for a Gerber platform. That’s why we don’t ask for a $10, $20, or $25 seeds here. When you start sowing at a certain level, the level of revelation that comes through heaven is different from what you  received when […]


Jesus never allowed anyone to follow Him. This is an interesting point to take note of. Someone once asked Reverend Ike how many followers he had. He replied, “I hope I have none,because I’m not teaching people to be followers. I’m trying to develop individuals to become masters.” That’s the perspective we must adopt. You […]

Be the Master of Money, and Not the Other Way Around

Reverend Ike would also say, “Son, I am teaching you to become a money master.” Touching the masses means touching poor people, because a mass-consciousness is the gathering of poor people. It’s a common place that needs a common anointing. When you’re talking to the masses, you have to be watchful of what you say. […]

A Better Expression

The moment a tree branch stops growing is the moment a new branch spawns to let the tree seek its expression in a new direction. People operate in a similar way. When they are no longer branching out in one area, they look for another place for better expression. Why do you think your children […]

Life Is Intelligent

Life is all powerful. Life is always and everywhere seeking expression. Don’t you feel the divinity in you seeking expression? Life is never satisfied, because it always desires that which God has planned for it. It’s constantly seeking greater and fuller manifestation. God has put a seed of Himself into you, and He asks only […]

A New Response to Money

On the morning I first saw those dwarf trees, I immediately made the connection between those small, stunted trees and a community of people who have been limited by outside forces. People operating out of fear and limitation. People who would say, “I want to believe the prophet, but I can’t trust my money with […]