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Usually, when someone else is speaking, the tendency is for our minds to drift off the subject. Try to practice this listening process. Krisco (1997) described the listening process in this manner: You’re listening, and then your mind and attention begin to wander. After a while, you catch yourself out to lunch-not paying attention. You […]

The Possibility You Create

When it is like this, you create for yourself the possibility of being a source of clearing for kindness, gentleness, harmony, and compassion. You become present through the power of listening. The automatic way we listen is usually reactive. The little voice inside you reacts to what we think or hear. The first step then […]

Your Best Contribution

When we talk about conversations, the first thing that will come to your mind will be the speaking part. Speaking is but a part of a conversation. What makes a difference is what is heard, accepted, and internalized, more than what is being said.   According to Krisco (1997), the power of listening gives you […]


Given that we have received a Group Word that allows us as a community to move forward towards transformation, the question is why do some groups still fail? What is the reason behind collective failure? Is it disobedience on the part of the members of the group? Is it a lack of unity?   Otto […]


We all have the capacity to create community through our actions everyday (Jensen, 2011). The Self evolves in a group. Thus, in order to see the best version of yourself, you need to see yourself as a group as a way of being. It is innate for us human beings. Peter Block said, the group […]

What Glues You Together

The Group Word is the “glue” that holds these individuals together. It can be described as whatever the members have in common. However, it is not just any thing; it needs to be something that is important enough to lead them to join and to actively participate in the pursuit (Block & McKnight, 2011).   […]

Breakthroughs Happen in a Group

Consider this illustration. We see a man giving his life to Jesus. He has experienced salvation on a personal level. However, if we look at Matthew 28:19-20, the bible says, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Ghost; first […]


Going back to the discussion from the previous chapters, salvation started at an individual level. As something within you is transformed at an individual level, you start to form a relationship with God. You begin to pray for the salvation of your household. Your school, community, and workplace soon become your inheritance for you to […]


Smothermon (1982) talked about untransformed relationships and how personal jealousy can cause commitments to fail. Transforming humanity by becoming the space for transformation means we take out jealousy from our system. Jealousy exists in a world that works for you or me. It does not belong to the space wherein the world works for you […]

The Power to Shape Humanity

You must not let yourself be limited by the accomplishments or failures you had before. Let them inspire renewed commitment in the possibilities for the future of humanity. Be the space by which humanity can be changed.   The possibility of transformation lives in a moment of individual choice. Once we break free from the […]