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Where Are You Coming From?

There are two unique perspectives on leadership that reveals a vantage point coming from a third-person view and that of a first-person. Most of us understand the difference between these points of view. However, few of us understand the significant impact of knowing the kind of perspective you hold and how it determines the quality […]

Biblical Registration

Let us look at Hebrews 11 to reveal conversations of enrollment, invitation, and specifically registration. It is the recipe of faith that the Bible has presented. Let us see how we can apply this recipe in the church today. As we look to these biblical accounts, let us keep an open mind to witness the […]

Choice = Love

Have you ever thought — God would not have the problem of saving humanity from sin if they took away from the Garden of Eden the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. However, without this tree in the garden, Adam and Eve will not have the choice whether to obey or to disobey God. […]

The Prophetic Conversations for Possibility

Let’s start off with an activity. Do this with me right now: Write down three (3) things that you have spoken that has come to reality. You can share with me your answers in the comment box below, or you can keep it for yourself. But I encourage you to do this activity. According to […]

Lessons from Queen Esther

Today, let’s learn about the story of Esther, the story of a Jewess whose assertiveness leads her to serve God and save her people.  Esther depicted an example of confidence even in the face of adversity. She is a remarkable woman of faith who put herself in danger to protect her people. Sometime, when Esther […]

Conversations Can Rewrite the Future

While many of us talk about what is happening right now, or we dwell on things that happen in the past, it’s more powerful to talk about what can happen in the future. When we talk about the past, there is nothing that can be done because it has already done. But when we talk […]

The Odor of Giving

Odors come from things that are burnt on the altar. God distinguished giving as a “pleasing aroma”. The metaphor for the sacrifice is a sweet smell. A sweet smell that was acceptable and pleasing to the Lord. A PERFECT OFFERING gives a SWEET SMELL unto the Lord. “Pleasing odor” appears more than 40 times in […]


Most of the time, people are blind to the effects of NOT honoring their word, when, in fact, it is to your power for your “yes” to be yes. Accordingly, operating with integrity  will ALWAYS benefit you even when it is hard or inconvenient to do. Jesus tells us, “But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and […]

Building Your House of Being

Do you want to learn to build your future through the power of your words? Try this activity. Consciously make an inventory of the words you speak today. Categorize them into positive and negative words. Reviewing the inventory of words you’ve spoken today, what did you notice about your language system? Was it empowering or […]