Where you lay your head determines how you dream

You got on track because you were in bed with the enemy. You have to be careful about whom you are sleeping with. You have to be very careful to guard your mind from proponents of lack and small thinking. Who are you sleeping with? You can look at your bed partners and tell what you are going to wake up with. Where you lay your head determines how you dream. That is why you better watch whom you say I do to, because you are sharing the same pillow. Wherever you lay your head, or who you lay your head with, determines how you dream.


Notice people in the scriptures lay down in death and resurrect in something else. Samson laid his head in the lap of Delilah and woke up and discovered his strength was gone. Where you lay your head determines how you dream. Don’t confuse this message with your physical bed. I am talking about the person that is sleeping with you in consciousness, that has you doing things a certain way. That determines how far you go in life. It also determines where you go in life, and what your end will look like.


Here is the pivotal point, the point you’ve been waiting for. The moment you make a decision within yourself that you are going to walk a certain way, others that are not in that certain way, will not come your way. You are in your right mind. Make the right choice!



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Father God in me, I thank you for the truth of the word of God, which comes to set me free. Now, father, teach me how to do things in a certain way that will cause certain success, right success. I make a decision to connect with right people, right sets of circumstances, right conditions.


Father God, I worship you. I thank you now for the wisdom, the truth of your words. Live in me, become large in me, and explode in me in a dimension that I have never known. Now, Heavenly Father, I thank you for stretching my imagination, for causing me to grow mentally and come into the liberty that you have ordained of me.

A Good Name Brings You Money

Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee

out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and

from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will

shew thee: And I will make of thee a great nation,

and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and

thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that

bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in

thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Genesis 12:1-3


The Bible says God will make your name great! Just knowing that you meditating on and visualizing someone willing to pay you for other people to wear you name. Ask yourself this question, “How can I get people to wear my name?” Why are they wearing DKNY, why are they not wearing my initials? The Bible says that he will make your name great. When was the last time somebody bought your name? This is about empowerment.  This is about economic empowerment. This is about self-empowerment. This is the Business of Getting Rich. Are you going to become great? Greatness is a choice!


In Genesis, God told Abraham; I will make your name great. Did you know that God is into names? God wants to put your name up in lights. Go ride through Broadway and tell me if your name is up on the billboard, on the marquees, on a movie that you are starring in. Some of you may not think about stuff like that, but I do. When I walk down streets I look up and say, “Why is my name not up there? Why are they not wearing my initials? They should be wearing my initials.”There is a lot of talking about the Kingdom of God these days. But one thing that is forever true is that the Kingdom of God forces you to produce. Stop buying into escapist theology. Most saints are just looking for one glad morning, when this life is over, because someone told them they were going to fly away. Newsflash! You are not flying anywhere. You better fly now, this is the most flying you will ever do. There are no wings reserved for you.  And make sure that when you fly, your name is on the side of the Gulf Stream. The oppressor cannot keep you down. The only thing that keeps you down is the lack of leadership within yourself. The same government was in power until Moses arose. When Moses rose up, he overthrew the existing force. Do you know why Mayor Giuliani gets away with what he gets away with in this city? They are just waiting for leadership to rise up. As a people, we only do well in bad times. Give you a little prosperity; it is like putting a pacifier in your mouth. You stop hollering. What I am trying to show you is that we quit with pacifiers. Presents keep us quiet now.


People of color owned more land before civil rights than now. African Americas had more businesses back then. One person said they remembered when baseball, had all black players; The only thing in it that was white was the ball. There were all black films. When we fought for integration that put producers in the black community out of business. Do you not know how many cabs lost money because of black baseball, and how many black franchises lost money when we lost black baseball?


When we wanted integration, we integrated the worker but did not integrate the producers. As a class, they are where they are because they do not do things in a certain way. That is why we are dealing with this subject matter. The hope you have of getting rich is in your name, and God’s already given you a great one. If you don’t know your name is great, then you will have to get your mind right. You have to get into the right state of consciousness. Remember that you began on the right side of the track, and then you got derailed.



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What is the status of the integrity of your name?

Knowledge and Consciousness

Knowledge is important. I encourage knowledge and everyone to get as much education as possible. However, education does not influence God. Faith is the only voice God respects. Faith is the only method that impresses God to activate miracles. You will not see miracles activated until you use the method called faith. Consciousness tunes you into the frequency of the tide. The tide comes and the tide goes. You have to know how to ride the tide when it comes. At different periods the tide of opportunity sets in different directions, according to the needs of the whole and the particular stages of the social evolution, which has evolved.


For example, at the break of the year 2000 everyone was talking about Y2K and Y2K compliance. The very talk of all of that news was the announcement of the tide coming in. People made multiple millions of dollars on any and everything that had to do with Y2K.  Home Depot made tons of money. People had to buy electric burners, and kerosene burners just in case the electricity went out. All of the gift shops made money on candles.  The price of water went very high since everyone was buying up all the existing water, causing water to be on backorder. People were buying groceries like it was going out of style. The software industry perhaps made the most money, scaring people into believing that their computers would all become obsolete if they did not install new Y2K compliant software. Today you can’t even give away the software that they were selling for top dollar. The bottom line is that they all rode on the tide.


They knew that the tide was coming in. Everybody was making money. Were you?  All of the church folks were hiding and praying, while the brilliant minds were thinking of ways to capitalize of the amazing opportunity. Why did the church miss the great opportunity? They were not in consciousness. God set it up for everyone to make big bucks, but the church folks were too busy trying to analyze the entire situation with their five husbands—the senses. The senses will cause you to lose every time. And you will lose big listening to your senses. You have to have your finger on the pulse of what God is doing. When your finger is on the pulse of what God is doing, you will begin to know how God is moving.


I spoke a word of prophecy in 1999, saying “In the turn of the century new millionaires will be made, new billionaires will be made. Why, because technology has changed. The needs of the world will change. That is why you should find your center and work it, but you have to learn this law, press the pants while the iron is hot. What you have going may not be able to last you always.”  The Lord was trying to get His people to act now!


That thing that you’ve been doing may live for about five months, after that it may become obsolete. Think of those that were making money and became millionaires off of the afro-comb. Is that still selling today? If it is, it’s not selling in the quantities that it sold for back then. Do you understand this? You have to understand what are the needs, what are the trends.


Things move in trends and cycles. Whatever you are doing today, you may not be doing twenty years from now. You have to be in a current move of God, or in the heartbeat of God, and understand trends and cycles. You cannot be afraid of change.


Those who are afraid of change, or those that will not step into the unfamiliar, are going to be obsolete. Nothing is sadder than watching someone trying to function under a prehistoric anointing.


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What CHANGE are you afraid to make today?

Fathers, Please Don’t Mess Up Our Minds

Statistics suggests that fifty percent of African-American homes will grow up without a father in the home. Now, if fifty percent of our communities are growing up without fathers in the home, then that means that fifty percent of our community will have a serious struggle with viewing God in the proper and healthy way. Perhaps to reach some, we may have to introduce them to Mother God. Most African-Americans are really in touch and tend to relate well with mother since she has become the sole caretaker of the family.


Maybe that is why in most African-American churches there is a whole lot of hollering and shouting ministry. That is the emotional side of God, the mother aspect of God. Sadly enough, many run from the teaching aspect of ministry, which is the Father side of God. There needs to be balance. Men want the teaching aspect of ministry, the aspect that will fill the void of the vacant father in society. That is why men tend to shy away from the church. They think that its orientation is far more conducive for women.


Men have become so distant from their fathers in the home that most of them do not even know how to respond to a fathering type of ministry. There is usually little respect given to that style of ministry because it doesn’t resemble anything familiar. Most men long for it, but don’t know how to exactly receive it when it comes. You were raised up in traditions, but not necessarily in education. So the first example that a child sees in life is that of their parents. When a father abrogates his responsibility to his children something extremely damaging happens.


His absence and neglect messes up the child’s mind, his way of thinking—his consciousness. As I said earlier in this chapter, I’ve spent years undoing bad teaching.  When a child does not see a father and mother in the home working together in harmony to rear the family, the child begins to believe that this false method is the best model to raise children.  If mother is doing it alone then that is the way that it is supposed be, so they think. So bringing people back into the right frame of mind, so that prosperity

becomes a natural progression, is a task.


I must first begin to educate them about a loving God, who cares, provides, and protects.  All of those things will at first be foreign to them if they have never received this kind of quality treatment from their own dad. But when they go beyond the natural and begin to see the perfect harmony in their truest mother and father, the subconscious and the conscious, then they will be able to visualize what true union is. As they enter into this spiritual abyss, they will discover that they have always had the perfect marriage and family within their inner parts as a stellar example of the creation through two that became one.  God has joined your subconscious and your conscious mind together and they are one. They are inseparable.


Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. (Matthew 19:6)


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How does your view of your own father affect your view of the Father God?

Negativity Can Be Contagious

Don’t do anything for people that are down and out. If you do, their negativity will spread like a virus, and they will bring everyone around them down too. You can’t make a person feel happy by doing nice and kind things for them. They will have an ephemeral happiness and then revert back to their despondent state quickly.Unhappiness and negativity are much like cancer; it spreads quickly like a virus. So the best thing to do is avoid the cancer all together. You do that by avoiding anything that produces cancer. People that are down and out, attract other down and outers. Happiness comes from within.  And when you are running an organization of happy people or leading a happy family or relationship that is a reflection of you. The queen said, Happy are these

thy men. Everyone in my circle, even all of my friends have to be happy, because  happiness produces the kinds of feeling that is needed to produce wealth. King Solomon’s ministers and servants were in his face both day and night and were happy. Quite apparently the king would have to bring correction to his servants for doing something less than excellent. But even when being corrected, they were still happy. Guess why they were happy? They were standing in the presence of wisdom.  Solomon was operated with far greater wisdom than most of us. As soon as he recognized the wrong attitude in one of his men, he told him to go.

He would not chance one person’s negative attitude infecting the others. How many times have you wasted time on people that you tried to correct, that were just eternally wrong? Everyone has someone in their life that they are trying to help that is a virus. Mr. Virus is getting ready to marry Mrs. Virus, and when they consummate the marriage they have virus babies.


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What makes you happy?

The Value of Standards

There was a presentation. In life everything is all about presentation. You must feel a different quality of life. When God exposes you to the lifestyles of the king Solomon’s of our day, it is only because He is trying to get you to see life on an entirely different level. God is trying to get you to feel living another kind of way. When you feel different about the quality of your life you will inevitably feel different about the quality of other

people’s life.

Look how they treat the Pope and the Cardinal, here in New York City. Think about it, and tell me how you treat your bishops in the city. How you treat Princes in God’s kingdom is a direct reflection of how you truly feel about yourself and what kind of karmic reaction you will receive from others. The Queen not only asks questions and brings a seed offering, but she also pays close attention to the king’s ministers. She looked to see who was actually present. She wasn’t concerned about their presence in the

physical but their mental presence.

… and his cupbearers, and his ascent by which he went up in her. And she said to the king, It was a true report that I heard in mine own land of thy acts and of thy wisdom.

Howbeit I believed not the words, until I came, and mine

eyes had seen.

Many people in life will hear a report. But the report that you hear does not have the most dynamic impact until you actually come and see it. … And, behold, the half was not told me: thy wisdom and prosperity exceedeth the fame which I heard. When people come to see what they’ve only heard about you, what they see should far excel what they have heard. This whole concept still connects with being willing and obedient. Notice

what she says in the next verse:

Happy are thy men, happy are these thy servants, which

stand continually before thee, and that hear thy wisdom.


In order to successfully lead in life you must intentionally remove all un-happy people from around you. They will kill the vibe and hinder the faith of the Shebas in your life. I can think of few things worse than walking into an office and being rudely greeted by an unhappy receptionist. Regardless to where you are working or how much or how little you are getting paid, if you are not happy, leave. Unhappiness is contagious. Unhappiness limits growth and prosperity.


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What do you think is hindering your growth and prosperity?

Solomon’s Wisdom

And when the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the LORD, she came to prove him with hard questions.When the queen of Sheba heard of the famous King Solomon, she came with two questions. She also came with a monetary seed as well. She did not ask questions without money, without making an exchange. It is unlawful to ask questions without money.

And she came to Jerusalem with a very great train, with camels that bare spices, and very much gold, and precious stones: and when she was come to Solomon, she communed with him of all that was in her heart. And Solomon told her all her questions: there was not any thing hid from the king, which he told her not. When you operate in wisdom, you have knowledge of the future and knowledge of the past. And when the queen of Sheba had seen all Solomon’s wisdom, … Your wisdom really cannot be heard. Wisdom must be seen. It must be demonstrated. If your wisdom is not demonstrated, you do not have wisdom. If your windows have shades on them, and you are pulling them down, it tells the universe that you have no wisdom. You live in the community of ignorance and darkness.



Some people will tell you just to thank God for where you are. The truth is that you have to get angry at where you are. God is not responsible for where you are, you are. Young people need to get this truth early on in life. They must realize that where they are is not where they are destined to be. Wisdom has the ability to carry you from one place into your wealthy place. But you can only follow the path of wisdom as you have seen it

demonstrated in another.


The Queen of Sheba had seen all of Solomon’s wisdom and the house that he built. What else did she see? She saw the meat of his table and his servants sitting. The servants were not slouching in the seats. They had proper etiquette and manners being in the king’s palace. They were dressed in a way that demonstrated the majesty of the king. Whatever hangs around you, either increases your value or decreases your value. In life you have to have standards.

When you live by standards, you will intimidate others that do not. You need to have a standard for how you will dress, where you will live, what kind of knowledge you will continually expose yourself to and so on. The queen of Sheba was very observant; she noticed his apparel and his cupbearers. There was a certain way that the cupbearers approached her. They did not just abruptly say, “You want some water?”


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List down the standards that you hold for your life.

Enthusiasm is Key

You have to feel the enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is the key that ignites the feelings that causes God to move from your inside out. Enthusiasm means, God within.


En—means in or within Theos—in the Greek, which means God withinIf a person has no enthusiasm then that mean that God is not within them. Where there is no enthusiasm there is no God. And God cannot work where He is not. Enthusiasm is God’s cue to begin working on your behalf. It is your way of sending of the message to God that you are operating in “faith feeling.” When I repeatedly talk about feeling, don’t confuse this with the mere passing feeling that comes and goes from time to time. No, this feeling is a constant feeling that does not go away. It stays with you until your desire has been fulfilled.


When a person volunteers to do something for you, you expect them to do so with great enthusiasm. Their enthusiastic attitude is a sign to you that they are feeling you and that they want to be a part of your experience. Most people would rather do things themselves than to allow an unenthusiastic person to totally destroy the vibe in the universe that causes creation to happen.  That’s right, the right feelings mixed with faith produces extraordinary results.  So this should not be strange to you. God responds to your right feelings. And you too respond affirmatively to the right feelings in others.

Have you lost a job? If you did, it was because you were not longer feeling that job. Maybe you lost a mate, and they walked out of your life. Or perhaps you lost a boyfriend or girlfriend. The only reason you lost them, or it or whatever it was, is because you were no longer feeling them. Whatever you do not feel, you become demagnetized to, desensitized, and there is no longer a connection, because you have just destroyed the vibrational link.



Studying the Word of God is about equipping yourself to live out in practical ways the standard of the Bible. Archbishop Jordan’s book, Prophet in the Marketplace is now available exclusively via the Book of the Month Club.


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What feelings need to be re-established today?

Quality over Quantity

Asking is the key to receiving. Many desire and dream about having more money. They never have more money. The main reason why they never have more money is because they look outside themselves for more money. They look outside of themselves because they have been taught to pray to a God outside themselves and to look for blessings flying down from the sky.  They have failed to understand the power and protocol of asking. Let’s take a look at some major pointers here as it relates to the power and the protocol for asking! Commit these points to memory and bear them upon your heart forever.



You must always ask in consciousness. This means that you ask already knowing that you have received that which you ask for.

God never hears a prayer of I want. Because the Lord is your shepherd, you shall not want. Want is sin. When you are in Christ, you want for nothing. When you are in consciousness, you want for NO THING.

Change your confession of I Want to I AM. The only way you are going to get your homes is by becoming the house. You ask, how to I become the house. Simply say, “I AM that house.

I AM is your first name and your last name. I AM is the initiator and finisher.

I AM starts in a thought but ends in an experience.

 I AM is the Name of God. You are not separated from that which you desire. You and your desires are ONE.

 God only answers to His Name.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.


God is not intimidated by what you ask. Many people have even asked for things that was not in God’s will or their best interest, yet still received what they asked for. The Bible says, “Ask and it shall be given you.” It doesn’t say, ask only the things that are His will and you’ll receive them. Every believer knows that it is in his or her best interest to only ask for the things that are in favor with God’s will over their lives.


But even if you don’t, consciousness still delivers to you whatever you ask. This is universal law, because, when you ask from your heart, or get into consciousness, what you ask for will become your experience. Whatever you ask for in consciousness will show up in your experience. I don’t have to ask you what you’ve been asking for. That can easily be seen. I can simply look at you and can tell what you’ve asked for. You always receive what you ask for on a subconscious level.



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What are you asking for?

Ask and You Shall Receive – How Should I Ask?

There is a proper way and an improper way of asking for the things that you desire in life. If you are not receiving your desired results, it is only There is a proper way and an improper way of asking for the things that you desire in life. If you are not receiving your desired results, it is only because you are not asking correctly. Some of you keep saying that you are rich, but your bank account says that you are poor; your lifestyle suggests that you are poor, and you are living just above the poverty line. You have a job, and you are happy for your job, and we too celebrate your job. Everyone needs to have work.  However, you will never get rich working a job. J.O.B. is an acronym that means,  “Just over broke.”


To get out of the rut of being a slave to a wage and into the realm of riches, not only do you have to develop an entrepreneur spirit, but you also must begin to ask the right questions in life. You still ask, “Why is it that I am not prospering the way I should, Bishop Jordan?” The answer to that is quite simple. You have not asked properly. You have not asked in consciousness. In order to receive anything in life, especially things of great value, you have to ask in consciousness.

These people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honor Me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.

Matthew 15:8


You have asked with your lips, but your heart is far from God. Let me go slowly. I realize that you may be new to this kind of unconventional teaching. I’m ever learning that one of the mistakes mystical teachers make is to give you too much too soon. As it relates to spiritual growth, some of you are fat but you are not growing. There is a major difference between church fat and church growth. Everything that is big is not growing up healthily. It might be growing out, but it’s growing fat. You know that fat is a killer. So, everything that looks like growth is not growth.


Proper discernment will help you to recognize when something is growing healthy from growing fat. Even with a piece of beef, it is only after you trim the fat that you are left with the quality part of the cow. Sunday morning attendance in most churches does not represent the quality and strength of that church. The bible study is really the actual reflection of the church’s strength.  You can have 10,000 plus members on a Sunday morning, yet on mid-week Bible teaching you only can attract 300 to 400 serious students at best.  Some pastors deceive themselves into believing that their churches are growing strong, but they are only buying into the “masses theology,” which never produces disciples, only retarded babies.  Sadly, retarded children can never learn how to ask properly, and are forced to stay in the condition that they are in forever. People always have to give them everything, even things that they may not really need or want. When you have a poverty mindset, you aim to accumulate mass amounts of junk over the years. The poverty mindset is always concerned with more. It looks like you have a lot, but you are fat. The business minded person reaches for quality, not only quantity. Quantity is not a bad thing; it just should not be your ultimate aim. So you want more? What exactly do you want more of? Just because you have a whole lot of this or that does not mean God is blessing you. Our church could easily attract the masses, but I realize that it really wouldn’t be growth. The fact that we are on television, I could easily fill up the studio with faces for the camera’s sake. That would definitely look great for our national audience, wouldn’t it?


Have you been looking for an open door to be used for the Lord’s Kingdom? Won’t it benefit you to operate in the prophetic in all areas of your life. This year, I want to gift you this FREE Course and experience the Power of Prophecy as a gift to open your mind to receive the Mind of Christ.

Are you growing fat or growing healthily?