Lessons from Queen Esther

‘Esther’, painting by Minerva Teichert

Today, let’s learn about the story of Esther, the story of a Jewess whose assertiveness leads her to serve God and save her people.  Esther depicted an example of confidence even in the face of adversity. She is a remarkable woman of faith who put herself in danger to protect her people.

Sometime, when Esther was already made Queen, Haman devised a scheme for all the Jews in Persia to be annihilated, and because of his relationship to the King, the later agreed on the plan. However, Esther learned about it through Mordecai who challenged her, saying that being in the palace will not save her from the annihilation, and that if she remained silent of her real identity, the Jews may be delivered but not Esther and her family. He even stressed that her role as queen could be for a purpose for such a time.

In her quest to save the Jews, Queen Esther gathered her confidence to stand in  the inner court of the king’s palace. This was contrary to what was accustomed, for if she did not win the favor of the king, she could’ve been executed for that move. Indeed, it was for that very reason why Esther mentioned that she will perish if she will.

To cut the story short, Esther was given the chance to reveal who she is and to ask favor from the king to spare her and her people from the annihilation that Haman planned.

Because of her assertiveness, a new possibility opened up for Esther, Mordecai, and the rest of her people. In the end, Haman was sentenced to death while Mordecai was promoted.

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What are MISSED OPPORTUNITIES in your life that was caused by a lack of assertiveness?

Conversations Can Rewrite the Future

While many of us talk about what is happening right now, or we dwell on things that happen in the past, it’s more powerful to talk about what can happen in the future.

When we talk about the past, there is nothing that can be done because it has already done. But when we talk in the future, anything can be said. There is power in future conversations. If conversations can be related to a road, our past conversations are dead ends, while our future conversations are those that have “under construction” signs with them. And when we declare prophetically, that road under construction is built according to the direction we declare it to be, little by little.

Prophetic declaration enables us to rewrite the future. Know that for every problem, there is already a future written about it. Take for example a company that is not reaching its financial targets and whose products don’t sell anymore. For that specific problem alone, the future includes people’s assumptions, their hopes, fears, cynicism, resignation, and lessons learned on past experience.

What would you rather hear someone say, “I am praying for restoration for this family” or “This marriage sucks”; “I forgive you” or “I have been hurt too many times in the past before”? How will this transform the situation y0u are in?

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The Odor of Giving

Odors come from things that are burnt on the altar. God distinguished giving as a “pleasing aroma”. The metaphor for the sacrifice is a sweet smell. A sweet smell that was acceptable and pleasing to the Lord.


“Pleasing odor” appears more than 40 times in the Bible, which shows us how God makes it a point to let the offeror know that He is pleased with the aroma of the offering. Why is the aroma of a sacrifice important to God? Why does He even notice the scent of the offering?

How does your offering smell to the Lord? I’m sure you already know the answer to this question. Only the offeror really knows if the offering will have a pleasing or a displeasing aroma to the Lord. He or she will know it because the offeror knows the status of one’s own heart. Aside from this person, it is only God who truly knows the depths of one’s heart.

Would it be God or Satan who would be pleased with the smell of your offering? There were offerings that were made to false gods in Ezekiel 6:13, and this had a pleasing aroma to the idol, but the smell of the incense displeased the Lord. God demands that we worship Him alone. Any offering that is made to any other object of worship sends out an offensive smell to the heavens.

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What is the smell of your tithes and offering to the Lord? Do you think the Lord will be pleased — did you give your very best?


Most of the time, people are blind to the effects of NOT honoring their word, when, in fact, it is to your power for your “yes” to be yes. Accordingly, operating with integrity  will ALWAYS benefit you even when it is hard or inconvenient to do.

Jesus tells us, “But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No,’ ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one” (Matthew 5:37 NRSV, emphasis added).

Whatever does not honor your word, in which your “yes” is not a “yes” and your “no” is not a “no,” is from the enemy of God.

You operate under the flesh — under the evil one when you dishonor your word and behave out of integrity

What can you do to clean up the mess you are in? How can you restore the integrity in that particular area in your life?

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Give five (5) ways to address the mess you are experiencing in your life right now. Commit to participating in cleaning up the mess. Write your commitment statement below and keep the integrity of the word your write here.


Mess: My wife and I are having a divorce.

Cleaning up the mess:

  1. I commit to asking my wife for forgiveness.
  2. I commit to renewing our marital vows.
  3. I commit to open the lines of communication with my spouse.
  4. I commit to serving my wife whenever I can.
  5. I commit to laying down my life for my spouse like Christ did for his church.

Building Your House of Being

Do you want to learn to build your future through the power of your words? Try this activity.

  1. Consciously make an inventory of the words you speak today. Categorize them into positive and negative words.
  2. Reviewing the inventory of words you’ve spoken today, what did you notice about your language system? Was it empowering or disempowering?
  3. Think about this. What can you do today to establish a more empowering language system?
  • In the Bible, “thus says the Lord” is a statement of absolute confidence from prophets.
  • In the New Testament, Jesus said, “Ask and it shall be given to you.”
  • These words do not have any room for ambiguity. These words point out that you have the power to articulate your expectation, and it will come to pass.

Whatever words come out of your mouth sets the direction for your future. In addition, every thought program becomes your being.

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The more you are aware of your true divine nature in the Lord Jesus Christ, the more you understand that everything is within your control. You can CHOOSE your future. The events in your life depend on how RESPOND to your experiences.

Let me tell you the truth that Satan never wants you to discover. Evil does not stand a chance against your own power. You have nothing to be fearful about when you have faith in the one TRUE GOD.

Being FEARLESS is not about never being afraid. It is about acknowledging that something scares you and knowing that it can do nothing to harm you. You are protected. You are safe. God is your refuge.

Our instinct tends to take over when danger is lurking. However, when you let your spiritual mind take control, you will experience the PEACE of Jesus Christ.

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What fears do you need to OVERCOME today?


Do you realize what it means to say, “Christ is in me”? How powerful is this? If you are being attacked by Satan, if he is trying to steal God’s promises, kill your hope, and destroy your future, declaring “CHRIST IS IN ME” is the best defensive attack you can do.

You begin to experience the power of this statement when you realize God’s power within you. You begin to understand what exactly it is to have the power of Christ residing in you. Jesus said, with man, it is impossible, but with God ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE?

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Not only does the Book of the Month Club provide a pathway to knowledge, wisdom and insight, it also sets you up to be in attendance at the Spring Session of Prophecology 2018: Birthing House: The Latter Rain, February 23-25, 2018.

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What characteristics of God do you need to develop in this season. Look up passages in the Bible that will help you discover the nature of God (e.g. God is faithful, God is patient, God is able). Share with us your answers below.


What if you were told that there is a way to guarantee victory or success at all times?
What if you could be assured that with every chance that you take; you will never be on the losing end?
What if there was no risk of failure?
If this were true, there would be no need to set boundaries or limit your options.

If this were all true, then what would you do with your life right now? Share your comments below.

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We have the power to create for ourselves the context for our experiences. The context of our experience is akin to a frame by which we live our lives. The mindsets we have are based on the context by which we experience the world. Instead of changing contexts that do not work for us, we allow ourselves to be influenced by the contents in our lives that we too become contents of our experiences. Being a content of experience does not allow us to be responsible and to have power over our circumstance. Remember, contexts are not fixed. You have the power to shape them according to your will because you are a god.

What do I mean by being a context? Werner Erhard says, “Context is decisive.” What did he mean by this? Think about it this way. If you drive two hundred miles an hour around Time Square, New York, you end up in jail for endangering the lives of other people. On the other hand, if you drive two hundred miles an hour around a racing track, you get a medal. Context decides the implications for our actions.

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What is the context you want to set for your life in THIS season?


“The process of illumination does not improve the world, as we know it; it only improves our concept of the world, our perspective of the world.”

– Archbishop E. Bernard Jordan

Unlearn what the Conditioned Mind has taught you to believe. Satan has filled our minds with lies and it caused us to doubt God, to doubt ourselves, and to doubt our destinies. If you are wondering why you are stuck in the same defeated situation, then you need to evaluate what you are NOT seeing in your life.

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Go to a quiet room, and on a piece of paper, write down what the Holy Spirit will reveal to you things you need to “unlearn.” List down these things the Holy Spirit reveals to you right now.