Spiritual Gifts in the Bible


​There is a great deal of division among Christians when it comes to interpreting biblical evidence for spiritual gifts. This journey for prophetic activation, training, and practice must begin with a solid foundation — the Holy Scriptures. Believers must have an answer for their faith, and in order for this to occur, they must exchange theological superficiality with scripture evidence. The process of growing in the prophetic ministry must be established in the Word of God and must be done in obedience to it. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament


​It’s not true that the gift of prophecy only existed during Pentecost (Acts 2:1-31) when the apostles and disciples received the Holy Spirit as Jesus promised. The Old Testament has accounts of prophets who performed by the power of the Holy Spirit. In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit is not presented in a personal manner, compared to how he is in the New Testament. In fact, reading Old Testament accounts would paint him in the light of a Power, rather than a Person. Nevertheless, even in the account of Creation, the Holy Spirit already existed with the Father and with the Son (Gen. 1).


In the Old Testament, we observe the progressive revelation in two lines of development. First, in the experience of some, the Holy Spirit gave special ability. Specific people were equipped by the Holy Spirit for specific tasks — enabled to accomplish things, which were previously beyond their power to do. The outcome varied from prophetic abilities, to physical strength, to military prowess, and to royal wisdom. Different terms were used for the reception and operation of these supernatural gifts.

​The Holy Spirit was described to “come upon,” “take possession of,” “fill,” “enter into,” “stir,” “fall upon,” among other things, upon the persons concerned. After which, they begin to fulfill tasks or exercise ministries, which would otherwise have been beyond them. We can understand this process as charismatic, even if the term “charisma” is not

specifically used until the New Testament.

There are certain aspects of the ministry of the Holy Spirit that we need to consider. First, encounters of being empowered by the Holy Spirit does not necessarily make a man holy, nor were they infallible as a result of these gifts. Second, the gifting can be selective and sometimes temporary. Most of the time, spiritual gifts were given to those who were called to particular duties. Third, there were false prophets who professed a “charismatic” ministry but were not really of the Lord. The second line of development is the fact that in prophetic anticipation, there was also the promise of life by the Holy Spirit. The Old Testament was both educational and anticipatory from the perspective of New Testament writers. The failure of the Law to save, coupled with persistent disobedience of the covenant, provided the space by which the work of Jesus Christ can be highlighted. The prophets were given the vision of a New Covenant; a new work that was to be a complete basis for godly living – not by an external observance of a written code, but by a new potential imparted to the individual.


John Balchin, author of Spiritual Gifts: The Biblical Basis, noted, “Along with this new ministry of the Spirit came the promise of an extension of the Old Covenant charismatic gifting to ordinary people of every status.” Jesus’ ministry was in direct line with Old Testament experience and in fulfillment of these prophecies. He himself claimed that it was so, while his recorded ministry is evidence of a familiar pattern to those under the old dispensation. It is significant that his public ministry did not begin until he was baptized, marked by the descent of the Holy Spirit. Jesus did not need to be regenerated. However, since Jesus was fully human, he was in some ways dependent on the Spirit of God for power to sustain his work.



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Challenge: List five (5) Old Testament prophecies that pointed to Jesus Christ.

You Have Back Up

Your healing originates from within, just as your sickness originates from within. It’s all

from within. It happens by thought. To paraphrase the earlier quote by Emerson, a thought is essentially the ancestor of whatever is about to take place in your life. Once you make a choice and believe in it, you will have an instant and constant supply of everything you need to back up your choice. Do you want to know why? There’s something you may not know, but everyone should know, you have backup. The Infinite is backing you up. When you fell and then you got back up, it was because the Infinite was behind you. You will always be able to get back up, because you have backup! You can’t keep divinity down: it keeps getting back up because it has backup. BACKUP.


Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us (Ephesians 3:20).


He is able. Define and declare the good that you desire, and the Infinite Power will back you up. Make your choice and believe that it will come about and the universe will bring it about.


The Holy Spirit was sent as a helper. He is our backup. He is our power (Acts 1:8). Do you want the power without the Person? Do you want the reward without the relationship? Again, let me stress this, the Lord is so good. The Lord loves you so much. He is in your mind.  The Infinite Power is within you. It is already at work in you. Your sin and your pride have been restricting it. When your flesh gets its way over the spirit, you actually reject the chance to use the power of God. The Lord wants you to live out that abundant life.

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The question is, are you willing? Are you ready? Are you brave enough?

Speaking the Language of God

When you start understanding the language of God, the mystery of God, and the place of

God, you will truly see, rather than simply read, what is written in Scripture: Thus saith the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and His Maker, Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the work of my hands command ye me (Isaiah 45:11).


Imagine—God commanding you to command Him. How could this be? Because He is talking to Himself. He would expect nothing less from Himself. We are all commanding ourselves, every day. It is we who decide what we do, who make the choices about our lives and ourselves, who dream our own realities.


When you bring a thought from the subconscious to the conscious, you are talking to yourself. Now we begin to understand that the self is God. The woman in Matthew 9:20 21 with the issue of blood had that kind of self-talk that produced instantaneous results.


If you use your Facebook or mobile phone to call your friends and family, you can use your mind to communicate with God. Your mind is where God speaks to you. God has been using your mind to communicate with you.  The sad thing is for most believers they are not aware. They read the Bible like some textbook, just to check the activity off their list. But the Bible actually interprets the communication of God through our minds. Since our minds are finite, we need a little help. The Bible helps us understand God’s language in human language. When you fill your mind with the Word of God, you are able to communicate and respond to God so powerfully. Be intentional about listening to the voice of God. Also, be humble enough to recognize that you cannot interpret God’s message on your own. God has been so gracious that He sent the Bible and His prophets to help our minds understand and to tap into the power of God’s Word.





Studying the Word of God is about equipping yourself to live out in practical ways the standard of the Bible. Archbishop Jordan’s book, THE SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE OF MONEY —  now available exclusively via the Book of the Month Club.


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What Word of the Lord can you access right now to claim God’s promises?

Meet Your Money Angel

Money is not your supply. It is your consciousness of God as your abundance that

constitutes your supply. It is the presence of God within that is the true money-maker. Therefore, you must think of money and any other material desire or possession simply as an outer symbol of the inner supply.

When you operate in divine ideas, the idea appears in the physical realm as a symbol we

call “money.” There is a prosperity angel. There is a money angel. “Money Angel, come right now. Money Angel, come right now. Money Angel, move right now. Money Angel, kiss me on my forehead.” A divine idea will pop into my mind when I feel those words. The divine idea is the sign that the money angel has come into me. That idea will soon appear in the form of money, the effect of the cause.

Superstition is when you place power on created objects to bring you wealth or luck. It is

silly because you are depending on things that do not innately have power for the things you desire. On the other hand, when you access spiritual power, it’s not superstition — it’s enlightenment.

Do not become superstitious, be spiritual. Your spirituality is your ability to see beyond the physical realm — the limited world. It is about being true to your true nature. Your spiritual being is always higher than your physical being, because your spiritual being came from the breath of God. What are the superstitions that you need to replace with spiritual beliefs and practices?


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How did people handle the economic downturn? The person who looks to the money may

have killed himself and his family when he realized he wouldn’t be able to pay his mortgage. The person who is metaphysical probably said, “A downturn was never part of my reality. My Source is endless.”

A true believer does not depend on the economy of this world, but on God’s economy.

How do we become “economists” in the Kingdom of God and experts in understanding His economy? The Bible has been prepared for such a purpose.

Paul tells us, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what

God has prepared for those who love him” (1 Cor. 2:9). If it is beyond human understanding, then we can never fully comprehend it. Isaiah also tells us, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts” (Isa. 55:9). Paul tells us that God is before all things, and in him all things hold together (Col. 1:7).

Solomon also declared, “But will God indeed dwell on the earth? Behold, heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain You, how much less this house which I have built” (1 Kgs. 8:27)!” Job tells us, “God’s power is unlimited” (Job 36:22). Finally, Paul reassures us in Romans 8:35, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?” The Bible tells us of an unlimited God, not just in supply, but also in love and wisdom.



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When people start believing in the effect instead of the cause, they come to view money

as all there is. They set it on a pedestal and worship it. They think money is all there is. Money is not all there is: God is all there is. You must look to God alone as the Source and remove the effect from your mind completely. If you look to any one thing, any human, any place, or any condition for your supply, you shut down the flow. Never look to a person. Never look to a place. Never look to a thing. When you look to something outside of you instead of looking within, you shut down the flow.

I know a lot of rich people.  They look to the thing. They look to the money. They

worship the money. They won’t always have their money, and their money won’t continue to grow, because they don’t worship the God within. If you worship God within, the flow will continue.

Idols take the place of the Lord in your life. God abhors idolatry. If you focus on money

and worship it, do you think God will continue to bless you? If there is lack or if there is poverty in your experience, then it is a sign that something is taking God’s place in your life. Something has become your idol.

Money is a common idol, so is family, career and fame. When you are looking at an external thing to make you happy and content, then you have gone against the will of God for your life. God wants to be the only Source of everything in your life. You cannot attach the “Source” role to anyone other than God. Does money help you accomplish things and help others? God sent that money for you to do that. Does money allow you to feed your family? God is feeding your family. When you forget who is the Source, the Source will help you remember.

He can do this by allowing the flow to stop, until you realize where the flow truly comes from.


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Money is a Spiritual Force

The cause is far greater than the effect. The effect has no life without the cause. We must

return to the spiritual foundations of true currency, because currency is what people worship. Until they turn back to the cause, which is God, currency will never fully benefit them. This very moment, stop believing money is your substance. Money is not your substance.  Money is the effect. There is an unlimited supply on the inside. When it shows up on the outside, it is a manifestation of thoughts and feelings originating in your inner world.

It’s a true awakening when we finally understand that money is an effect, and God is the

cause. Most people have problems with money when they get hung up on the effect and forget or ignore the cause. It’s like a crowd watching a magician do his tricks. They get caught up in the effect, the illusion, and they miss everything that’s making it happen. They’re distracted by the “magic.” A lot of us get caught up in the illusion. We get caught up in the effect, the trick, and we forget where the true anointing, the true magic, comes from.

There are people who believe money is their substance. They believe it is their security

and their safety blanket. That’s why they worry when they don’t have it, or they worry that they might lose it. If that’s you, you must, this very moment, stop believing money is your substance.

Debt cannot exist in your life unless you have a belief in debt. Is there debt in your life? You need to surrender this belief right now. Repent from believing in debt and recommit your life to the abundance Jesus Christ promised for you. He has redeemed you from a life of slavery. He purchased you with his blood, and this includes redeeming you from the bondage of debt. Yes, all of these happened 2000 years ago. So, why are you still believing this life?


Cut yourself off from the lies of debt and poverty. You are not designed for that. You

have always been designed for prosperity and abundance. Look at your Creator. Is your God poor and in bondage? If you are created in His image and likeness, then you must live in limitless possibilities.



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Do you still believe in debt?

Life is About Giving and Receiving

You can’t play ball unless one person has a hand open to catch, and another is there to

pitch. There has to be a catcher’s mitt and a pitching hand. If there’s a catcher but no pitcher, or a pitcher but no catcher, there is no game. Life is about learning to give. You can’t go through life with just a catcher’s mitt and expect to be successful. Some people think the catcher’s mitt is all there is, and they only try to see how much they can catch. You have to see what you can pitch to someone else who is wearing the mitt, because when you pitch it, it will be thrown back to you and it will be your turn to catch. The catcher has no purpose until the pitcher pitches the ball. It’s the pitch that starts the game. It’s the pitch that starts the cycle. It’s the pitch that starts your prosperity. If you don’t pitch, there will be no catch. If there’s no catch, there’s no return pitch.

Many people walking through life with just a catcher’s mitt, do not have a ball because nothing has been pitched.

Whatever it is you want, you have to give some of that away. Some of you need to give a seed today, because you’ve been walking through life with just a catcher’s mitt, and you don’t have a game going yet, because you haven’t thrown the first pitch (the seed). When you look at the game of life, all balls played look like seeds. They are shaped like seeds. A ball is circular.


Why? Because it is ordained to have a return. You can’t bounce a square or a triangle.

Isn’t God wise and intentional in everything He has created and designed? It makes life less complicated, doesn’t it? If only you have the courage to believe and to operate according to His standards, instead of the world’s. Why do we choose to remain in the world’s system, when we know full well abundance exists in the system of God’s Kingdom? It is because we’ve grown up with it. It’s familiar. It’s safe.


No one can ever be successful and prosperous if he always chooses familiar and safe. If you choose what is familiar, you choose what is the same. If you like your life right now, as it is, then it’s fine, but if you are praying for breakthroughs, then you need to suck it up, and be okay with the unfamiliar.



Studying the Word of God is about equipping yourself to live out in practical ways the standard of the Bible. Archbishop Jordan’s book, THE SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE OF MONEY —  now available exclusively via the Book of the Month Club.


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What familiar or safe thing are you holding on to in exchange for God’s promises?

What is Your Money Vocabulary?

One of the many things Reverend Ike taught us was to never say we were spending money. We do not spend money. Within the word “spend” is “end.” Any time you think or say “spend,” you subconsciously become concerned with ending the supply. You can say, “I use money, but I don’t use it up.” This is why you also don’t put yourself on a budget. When you are in a budget, you automatically take on a position of lack. What you fight, you ignite.  Use money. Circulate money. But never spend money. Get the word “spend” out of your vocabulary.



Money is a tool you can use to advance the purposes of God. You can never spend something that is unlimited. The resources you have are unlimited because the Benefactor is unlimited.


Sow money. Bless people with money. Invest your money. Your language reveals your truest belief about money. As you remove the word “spend” from your vocabulary, you’ll be conscious about the unlimited and self-replenishing supply you have available.



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If money was unlimited, will you still have an issue with sowing your seed? Will you still have an issue in funding that church plant? Will you still have an issue with partnering with that missionary? Will you have an issue with your tithes and offering?



We can say with an evolved mind, Come close, “idea of money,” that I might feel thee. Everything I feel, the Father expresses in my life. Your seed creates the next season of your increase. Reverend Ike taught that you must take your feeling from a present condition and give to it a new condition. Jacob represented a new condition. When you understand Esau and Jacob, you see that they are two sides of the self. You have to decide whether you’re going to be the side that will try to make your miracle happen in your flesh (by doing work), or will you go inside and feel it into being?

What is the new condition you need for your current season of your life? How do you

need the circumstance to change? What needs to grow in you? How can you increase? Cancel the feeling of the present condition in order for you to move into a new condition. If you like the condition you are in, then it is acceptable for you to nourish and to protect this condition.


Your future will be shaped by the present emotions. If you feel poor and in lack right now, guess what tomorrow will be like? On the other hand, if you feel rich and prosperous right now, regardless of the current situation, then your future will be wealthy and prosperous.



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If you future will be shaped by present emotions, what must you change in your mood today?