Money moves people and changes thoughts, so it is not money as we think of money, but the power source for changing reality. When money comes into your hands, it creates the awareness of possibility and creation. This changes thinking, which eventually brings about change in the material world. Change like new businesses, new homes, new organizations that aid the needy, and so on. You cannot move forward from a position of believing you need money; if you think you need money, you will always live in want. You must feel the money in your consciousness as something you already possess before you have it in your hands. Only then will it come to your hands.



It’s a very practical tip, isn’t it? However, your physical mind is rejecting this truth. How come? It’s too easy. You’ve been thought to break your backs in order to survive and to eat three square meals a day. You’re still thinking and understanding this, as if a slave would.

Stop doing that. No matter how much wealth comes in, if you are still thinking from this perspective, then there will always be lack.



Do not live in lack. Do not live in want. You must feel and live in the abundance of God. This truth must be exposed. The enemy has been trying to deceive you into thinking there is lack in this universe, when it is the craziest thing you can ever believe. Feel the money in your consciousness — there is an abundance in the spiritual realm. You already have it. Your spiritual self already possesses a lot; money is not even an issue anymore. The only thing left is for you to believe. What did Jesus say in the face of disbelief? He said, “Don’t be afraid; just believe” (Lk. 8:50).



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Masters operate on their own level. Reverend Ike, at a certain level, got frustrated with

the masses because he had already crossed over into a new dimension. His eyes had already seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. He was trying to leave here more than 10 years ago because

he felt like his work was done. He even said it. He told me personally, “I have written my letters

that I will write to you from the other side, son.” In 1998, he began to talk about the invisible side of life, and I talked with him about it. He would say, “Son, the action is not over here.


The action is in the invisible side of life.” I said, “Reverend, the invisible side of life?” He said, “Yes. Everything that happens, happens from the other side. It happens from the spirit.”  That’s where Reverend Ike got the revelation that “I AM money” is the highest form of money. He said to stop chasing after the material, and that that which is in your wallet is not money. It is the form; it is the output of the energy of consciousness, which is you.



Everything happens in the spiritual realm before it can exist in the physical realm. If it did not exist in the spiritual realm, it won’t exist in the physical realm.  In the image and likeness of God, you are also a creator. Living in this physical world for so long, you have simply become a consumer. It’s time you realize your true identity as a creator, and become creating what you need and what you want in the spiritual realm. As you operate in this dimension, you will see life in a very different manner.



God is removing the blinders now, isn’t He? He is removing whatever is causing you to be limited, whatever is causing you to feel broken, whatever is causing you to be weak, and He is replacing it with spiritual power that only comes from a true relationship with the Word. What is the word? “I AM.” What is your “I am”? What “I am’s” have you been living in that you need to let go? It starts by letting it go in the spiritual, before you can see it manifest in the physical realm.


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So the masses are looking for a leader to follow. That’s why this is not for a Gerber platform. That’s why we don’t ask for a $10, $20, or $25 seeds here. When you start sowing at a certain level, the level of revelation that comes through heaven is different from what you  received when you were sowing just a $20 seed on a regular Sunday morning.


Most churches cannot hold their members past the lunch hour. I don’t even want to  preach in churches where people have me on a clock, and you know they have Denny’s on their mind. If they are thinking about their dinner reservation, I don’t want to preach there. When you become a master, you’ll stay until the appointed time has arrived.



Is the Sunday service just a side thought to your day? Can’t you dedicate your time in the service to God? Can’t you focus your entire being on the Lord during the service? Why is your mind already wandering? Why are you already checking your Facebook or Instagram accounts?



If you are distracted, you cannot hear God speak. Have you ever tried speaking with someone who is on their phone constantly? You feel you’re not connecting because that’s the thing — you cannot connect with someone who is distracted.


Move in the spirit. Be the person who is obsessed with the Kingdom of Heaven. I’m not talking about people who are obsessed with doomsday or the end of the world. We don’t need to try to be predicting when that would happen; what we should be concerned about right now is accessing eternity from right here, from this side of heaven. How come?

Because eternity is in your hearts (Ecc. 3:11), and you are right here on earth. If you are so consumed about your day to day hustle, you are just being a physical person distracted by the desires of the flesh. When you choose to stop, to acknowledge, and actually give premium to your spiritual self, you will notice that everything is meaningless (Ecc. 1), if it’s not aligned with the Kingdom of God. You will finally find what your soul is longing for, and it starts with your intention to master your spiritual life.


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Jesus never allowed anyone to follow Him. This is an interesting point to take note of. Someone once asked Reverend Ike how many followers he had. He replied, “I hope I have none,because I’m not teaching people to be followers. I’m trying to develop individuals to become masters.” That’s the perspective we must adopt. You follow me as I follow Christ. There’s no sense in following me. I want you to become me. Jesus said, These works you shall do and greater works than these (John 14:12). Why are we going to be doing great works? Because you’re going to reach a point that you will no longer need to follow Me, because you will have become Me.

What is the goal of Christianity? To become like Jesus. Each open door you face, you call God to tell you “Lord, what is your will? Let your will be clear.” Instead of choosing, according to what you know about the Lord, you ask God. You want to shift the responsibility to the Lord. However, from the moment you were called, Jesus has been calling you to become like him.

Each choice you make after you became a believer should shape your character into becoming more like Jesus. You want to let the will of the Lord be done, and you already know it, then why are you still asking God for sign of some sort to choose your path? Becoming like Jesus is about making the choices Jesus would make. It’s about thinking the things Jesus would think. Saying the words Jesus would say. Loving the people Jesus would love. Serving the people Jesus would serve.


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Be the Master of Money, and Not the Other Way Around

Reverend Ike would also say, “Son, I am teaching you to become a money master.” Touching the masses means touching poor people, because a mass-consciousness is the gathering of poor people. It’s a common place that needs a common anointing. When you’re talking to the masses, you have to be watchful of what you say. When we look at the scripture, who do we see Jesus preaching the gospel to? The poor. You preach the gospel to the poor, but you disciple the rich. You never, ever, ever, ever teach masters in masses. It’s unlawful.


The people of today’s church, instead of becoming masters of money, have become masters of the poor. I don’t like to associate “mastery” with “poverty.” Today’s leaders of the church have become babysitters of a common class. When you babysit, you are surrounded by a room full of milk and diapers.


Churches have to do a lot of things. They provide childcare provisions, parking lot attendants, ushers, etc. A lot of maintenance is necessary when you are managing crowds and large groups of people. But notice that Jesus was able to strike a balance. He fed the multitude.


He turned the water into wine. He multiplied the fish and the loaves. He healed. He touched the poor. But most of his time seemed to have been spent with his disciples.

When we look closely, we see that the lessons He taught the disciples are not the same lessons he taught the masses.


Wealth exists in the spiritual realm. It is the spiritual masters who are able to call forth this wealth into their reality. Jesus focused on discipling the few because he knew that not everyone’s spirit person is ready to learn the ways of the Kingdom of God. If you are reading about this, then it is a privilege for you.


God is making a way for you to master your spiritual man for you to learn how to call forth your spiritual riches into the world. Without a true relationship with Jesus, you cannot have access to this truth. It might feel uncomfortable, but stay with it. It is because you’ve been used to the ways of the world that something that should be natural to you become alien. The spiritual realm has become strange to you, when the abundance of the Kingdom of God should feel like home.



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A Better Expression

The moment a tree branch stops growing is the moment a new branch spawns to let the tree seek its expression in a new direction. People operate in a similar way. When they are no longer branching out in one area, they look for another place for better expression. Why do you think your children want to leave the house when they become teenagers? I always encourage parents to send their teens to boarding school if they are able, because teenagers crave and need—and will seek—places for better expression of themselves. As they see it, they have already mastered your house, and because they have experienced your home for many years, it is time for them to learn to master another place with a new, challenging environment.

Life prods you, forces you, to seek out better expression. I’m always looking, just like you are. We said, “We’re having church in here,” and we were hand clapping and foot stomping. We had musicians over here, and down there the choir was swaying. Congregants were piled up in the balcony. But the time came, we mastered that, and we wanted a better expression. So we made a change, and now people watch from Canada and Germany. Something about life simply commands growth in you.

Growth is natural for human beings. It’s how God designed us to be. God always intended humans to grow beyond the “current”, and to move towards a new and bigger future. If you are not growing, if it seems that you’re stuck, then it is an unnatural state.

Even when it comes to your finances, you are meant to be growing. You are not meant to be shrinking back. As you give to others, your money expands its territory blessing everything in its path. When you withhold your money, you stunt your growth. You need to be comfortable enough in your abundance to be able to grow.


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What are you doing to express your growth in your finances?

Life Is Intelligent

Life is all powerful. Life is always and everywhere seeking expression. Don’t you feel the divinity in you seeking expression? Life is never satisfied, because it always desires that which God has planned for it. It’s constantly seeking greater and fuller manifestation. God has put a seed of Himself into you, and He asks only that you make your desires strong enough to bring them to fulfillment.

You have a God-shaped hole in your life that ONLY GOD can fill up. You were made for eternity, yet you seek to be satisfied with what is temporary. God enjoys blessing you. He takes pleasure in it. He wants you to get this very important point.

You don’t have to twist the Lord’s hand for Him to bless you. If the blessing is not coming, it’s because you’re rejecting it. You’re saying “no” to it, or you’re just not ready for it. Perhaps, there is a space issue. There are things you need to let go off that is taking up all these space for breakthrough to come in. Maybe you are distracted, and you don’t see the blessing is already present.

If you’re feeling so frustrated and tired, it’s time to just surrender to God. Your life is your offering. It’s time to live out according to the divine plan God has for your life. Stop fighting it. Stop rejecting it. Begin to flow in the grace of the Lord.


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A New Response to Money

On the morning I first saw those dwarf trees, I immediately made the connection between those small, stunted trees and a community of people who have been limited by outside forces. People operating out of fear and limitation. People who would say, “I want to believe the prophet, but I can’t trust my money with him. Instead, I trust my money with the stock market, even though it just lost 40%.” They’d say, “I can’t believe the prophet when he says God commanded in 2 Chronicles 20:20 that if you believe the prophet you’ll prosper. I couldn’t believe the prophet with enough faith to put $10,000 in his hand. No, instead I continue to believe the real estate industry that wiped out 30% of the equity in my home.”

People who say, “I believe my doctor, who says, ‘It could be this,’ or ‘It could be that,’ and ‘We forgot to look,’ and I understand they’re practitioners. I forgot to believe the prophet, who isn’t practicing but who is speaking the true word of the Lord over my condition.”

It’s one thing to listen to experts. It’s another to disregard the Word of God because you want to trust human beings who are experts more. When you reject the Word of God, He will honor your desires. If you don’t want to listen to Him to know when and how you’ll be blessed, then it’s your call. God is such a good and loving God. He respects you for your choices. He won’t force His blessings on you.

Think about how you are rejecting the Word of God. Did you receive a prophetic word with doubt and cynicism recently? Maybe, it’s time to repent and to say to the Lord, “I’m all in!”


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What do you need to repent of?


And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam …

Why did God bring all of these creatures unto Adam? God brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. Why did not God name them? God did not want to overstep His self-imposed boundaries. God had made man a creator. So it was man’s responsibility to name, that which was created. Every situation and everything that is passing you has a name. God is not going to name your situation for you. He just brings it to you to see what your perception is. Whatever you call it, that is going to be the name thereof. It is right there in your Bible. The Bible says:

… and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.

Whatever is in your life, you named it. God brought it to you and you gave it its nature. Look at what kind of creator you are. Why should you believe in the devil? Only believe in the devil that you named devil. Do not wrestle with the devil. When you do, you are just wrestling with a lie. That is your imagination. That is your drama. That is your devil, and every one of you has the divine right, as Adam did, to pick your own devil. Even Christ picked his, Judas. He said, “I picked twelve but one of you is the devil.”

Jesus came as the Son of God to show you how you are supposed to act as the Son of God. So it means that, whatever devil you pick, you picked it because that is the type of devil you wanted to act in your experience. Understanding that, what devils have you picked? If you are going to pick a devil, make sure you only pick one. Just pick one, and make sure that devil can give you a resurrection. Make sure they can help you. The devil cannot give you anything in reality. Just make sure the illusion can sell the resurrection.

Make sure that, whatever drama the devil gives you, that devil can pay you a salary for it. You need to get paid for the drama in your life, especially the drama that you birthed. Take this for whatever it is worth, lobbying groups, all get paid, but they too had to find their devil to pick. You need a devil. You have to have a devil. You have to have a devil to whip, but make sure, whatever devil you are whipping; you are able to redeem that devil. If you do not redeem that devil, that devil will whip you.

Some of you do not understand the game of life. Unless you know how to work with your devil, you have to have your devil so tame that it, in reality, serves you. The devil is nothing but one of your thoughts that you allow to fall from grace. What was the devil? It was just one of God’s thoughts that He elected to just let fall. You have fallen angels every day, a thought that falls from grace, creating some chaos or confusion. Your devil gives you the exposure you need. Always learn. In every negative charge, find the equivalent benefit that can bring you positive currency.

Every one of you has a burden that, right now, is light. If you can find the light of it, it will pay you. You have to find the revelation that is locked up in every burden. My yoke is easy and my burden is light. Your burden is revelation. God is giving you a lamp. Whatever trial you are passing through, it is a lamp; that is if you know how to work your imagination and get your perspective and your perception right.

It can either drag you down or pay you later. Judas got Jesus paid. Jesus went to glory and ended up with a crown. He ended up with all of you worshipping him. Make sure your devil can get you paid. Agree with your adversary quickly. Resist not evil. The reason some of you are having problems with evil is because you are fighting it. Never fight evil. Evil was not designed to be fought.

In reality, evil was designed to be sought. Whatever you fight you take back. The only fight that God commands you to fight is the good fight of faith. Do not do anything with the devil. The devil is a lie. He does not exist. Why would you ascribe truth to him? Lending your power to the devil gives him reality. e only thing that is real is I AM. As simple as that sound, that is really all you’ll ever need to know.

The word of God is rich and working mightily in me. I decree right here, and right now, that I flourish, walk in success, and fulfill my destiny in Christ Jesus. I make a determination right now; I vow to become every- thing the Father has ordained for me. I decree and declare right now that success, and fulfillment, works in my mind, and in my consciousness. I take this truth and live the God-given reality, which comes to me from the Father up above.

God in me, I thank you for the reality and the truth that makes me free.



Studying the Word of God is about equipping yourself to live out in practical ways the standard of the Bible. Archbishop Jordan’s book, THE SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE OF MONEY —  now available exclusively via the Book of the Month Club.


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Let me tell you what’s more dangerous than the weapons of mass destruction. Are you ready? It’s the unity of black people. I’m not trying to say we should just want to be black. That’s not where I’m at. We have to unite as black people. We can’t unite with other races until we unite with ourselves.


I remember a Jewish man who came to service. He was sitting in the back of the church while we taught black liberation. Someone from a public relations firm that represented us went to the back and asked the Jewish man if he was offended by what I was preaching. He said, “No. I think it’s great.” She asked, “Why? Don’t you hear the message?” He said, “Yes, and he’s empowering his people.”


Someone else gave The Laws of Thinking to a very prominent gentleman and asked what he thought. He said, “We as white folks have always believed we were gods. It’s justy’all that haven’t gotten it.”


Human beings were created in the image and likeness of the Lord. Nations and races were created to be communities. God intended people to be part of something greater. The enemy has sown seeds of discord among peoples. Instead of focusing on what each nation and race can do to glorify God, they turned toward one another; it’s one great distraction for humanity’s purpose.


You must not allow the lies of Satan to steal the destiny and identity the Lord intended  for you to have. Do not reject your nature just because you’ve been told a different truth. Let those who have eyes see, and those who have ears hear. It’s time for a revolution, not in the world — but within yourself. It’s time you reinvent your identity according to the truth of the Gospel.



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How is the Lord reinventing your identity?