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Giving Your Tithe in Faith


Giving your tithe in faith is an act that pleases God…

Werner Erhard describes integrity as the state of being whole and complete (Erhard, 1984). This means that if some parts of us are lacking or missing, then we are not in integrity. We are questionable.

If our giving is not from the integrity of our faith, then our tithe is incomplete. If our hearts are not set on the right direction, then our giving will be lost. Before we can even give our tithes, let us make it a point to check if our faith is beyond question.

The Spirit of Tithe Compared to a Mustard Seed and Mountain Faith

Jesus once used the illustration of a mountain-moving faith as big as a mustard seed. In giving our tithes, we can have the same picture in mind. If you find it hard to give God what is due to Him, then think of your faith like that of a mustard seed. That is how small your giving to God is.

Compare that mustard seed to the highest mountain that you have ever seen. That is how faithful God is to you. Try to split that mustard seed in half. It will all the more become nothing to the magnanimity of the mountain. This is a picture of giving without integrity. If we do not give our whole and complete tithes, the seed becomes smaller and smaller until it becomes nothing. The question is, “Are your tithes like that of a whole mustard seed, or have they been compromised little by little?”

Do All Tithes Grow?

If you plant your seed (tithes), will it grow? Not all seeds grow. The compromised seeds are less likely to live their purpose. Remember that even if it is just a little seed, it can move mountains.

God only asked for a seed that is so little compared to the mountain that He has for us. Our little faith is incomparable to God’s. But, still there are many of us who find it hard to give back what He had asked of us.

What if God will only give us blessings as small as a mustard seed and our needs are as high as the mountains? Will we thrive? Remember that apart from God, we are nothing.

Give Your Tithe Without Deception or Fraud

This is why we ought to give in faith, and being in faith is more than being trustworthy. It is more of the assurance that we are devoting our wholeness into a person or thing. This means that our tithes are to be given without a hint of deception or fraud.

Our tithes are to be whole and complete. If in our hearts we are not faithful, then how can we give faithfully? Moreover, how can we be with integrity apart from being faithful?

Some Thoughts About Tithing for You to Ponder Over

How do you define giving your tithe in faith? Can you consider yourself as a faithful giver? If yes, in what ways are you a faithful giver? If not, why? Do you believe that God looks not on the amount but in our hearts as we give? How does this relate or impact your life?

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Do You Understand Why We Need to Tithe?


“I absolutely believe in the power of tithing and giving back. My own experience about all the blessings I’ve had in my life is that the more I give away, the more that comes back. That is the way life works, and that is the way energy works.” -Ken Blanchard

Have you ever been asked to pay for something that you do not know why you have to or what is it for? If yes, how does it feel? Does this feel well or are you doubtful?

Will you still give even if you are uncertain why you have to give? Are you going to give even if you do not know where your money goes after? Will you be able to give the right amount if what is asked is not specific?

For example, the bank informed you that they would sue you if you are not able to pay ten percent of your debt within a certain period of time. What will you do? Surely, you will pay for it. Why? This is because you understand the necessity of it. In other words, you know why and when you have to pay the bank and in what amount.

We Must First Know in Our Hearts Why We Have to Give

It is applicable in tithing. More than knowing our abilities to give, we must first know in our hearts why we have to give. Tithing without knowing is the reason why some people do not tithe in integrity.

If God said that we ought to return just any amount we want to give, then how much are you willing to give?

If a tithe is not supposed to be ten percent, then how much will you give? Is it higher, equal or lesser than ten percent? Think about if God is not specific with the instructions regarding our tithe, how will you manage to give your own tithes?

When we do not know the purpose of a thing, we will also not know how to use it wisely or properly. Therefore, we need to have the proper knowledge on giving our tithes, for it is necessary for us to tithe righteously.

We Tithe Because We Give to God What Is God’s

There are so many Scriptures that we can refer to regarding our tithes and how it is to be given and used. However, let me point out just one Scripture why we are to give. We ought to give to God what is God’s, as Jesus said so.

We do not own anything in this world. All of us have something because God has given it to us. But, the tenth of what He has given us must be returned, for it is His.

Think about it carefully. God owns everything, but He did not ask us to give everything back to Him. He owns the 100%, yet He gave us the freedom to own the 90% and asked only for the tenth to be returned.

To give our tithes, we must understand the fact that we are giving it simply because we do not own it. Our tithes are God’s property and not ours. Moreover, to tithe in integrity is to know that we have to give back wholly and completely what is God’s.

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Giving and Prosperity


Do you believe that your prosperity depends on how generous you are when it comes to giving?

In the book of Jeremiah lies one of the most popular plans of God for us – the plan to prosper us and not to harm us as well as the promise of hope and a future. This Scripture is clear and dear to many believers since God is the one who promised it.

The Secret to Prosperity

You might be wondering that the promise of prosperity is for all, but not all are prosperous. This is because God blesses us equally but differently. And, in this difference lies how we manage our blessings to reach prosperity. There are people who are so rich that they can buy almost everything they want. There are also those who have nothing at all. There are those who are in between the status of being rich and being a pauper.

On the other hand, the measure of prosperity is not dependent on how many possessions we contain in our hands. It is more of how much we are willing to open our hands to give. Prosperity and giving are two things that go hand in hand. Prosperity is reflected best in tithing. How much we give is our richness, and how much we withhold is our greed. The moment we do not tithe wholly is also the moment we lose our prosperity.

A pauper who tithes exactly the tenth of his wealth is richer than that of someone who gives only his fifth and kept the other fifth. Keep in mind that we have been promised with prosperity, and God is faithful to this promise. The question is, “How do we deal with God’s promise?” We ought to make ourselves worthy of this promise by giving in integrity.

The Giver’s Image and Likeness

Have you ever wondered why God wants to prosper us? Why won’t God simply allow us to prosper on our own? Is it because He wants to prove His love for us? Or, is it because as our Father, it is His role to provide? Think about these questions, and know why there is a promise of prosperity in your life.

But, if we go back to the beginning of Scripture, we will have a glimpse of why we are made to be prosperous. In Genesis, God owns and designed the world we live in, including us. Moreover, it is also written that God created us in His own image and likeness. If we are in the image and likeness of God, then we are indeed the image of prosperity in this world. We can give because we are the reflections of the ultimate Giver.

But, we must not forget that God gives completely and abundantly. If we are His image, then we are to be the same. We can keep our tithes in integrity because that is how we are designed to give, plus the fact that we are made to be prosperous like God who allowed us to be His image bearers.


Tithing Acknowledges the Faithfulness of God


Are you honest with the Lord in the payment of your tithes? Living this divine law will bring both spiritual and material blessings. -Ezra Taft Benson

You might think that tithing is for all. Yes, that is the ideal, and that is how we are designed – to worship with our all, including our finances. However, not all people give their tithes because first and foremost they do not believe in God.

A good example of this is that of giving to a stranger. Will you give someone the tenth of your finances if you do not know that person fully well? Will you still give even if you do not know where your money will go after?

I am pretty sure you will not. Think about it. If you do not believe in God, will you give Him your money? How will you give a portion of your wealth to a God whom you do not believe in?

The Integrity of Tithing Begins with Our Faith

We are capable to give our tithes because in our hearts we know where our wealth comes from. In other words, we know and believe that what is ours is owned by God. This makes tithing an act that we do out of love and free will.

Tithing and God’s Faithfulness

God is always faithful to us even if we aren’t to Him. God always gives more. He does not give less than His. God always gives unfailingly. This is the integrity of God’s faithfulness that makes people give in faith.

If we can never outweigh God’s faithfulness, what more His integrity? If God blesses us completely and faithfully, then all the more we can return to Him the tenth of what He has given us. There is no single reason why we cannot tithe in integrity.

However, if the integrity of God’s faithfulness is questioned, then that is the only time we start doubting our giving. For example, you think that God has forgotten you or you feel like God is not blessing you anymore. Will you still find it easy to bless Him in return?

Tithing Allows Us to Give Because We Have Received So Much More

Remember that God’s ability to bless us is beyond question. Do not ever think that God is not faithful to you at all. The mere fact that you are still breathing is great evidence that God is blessing you. Tithing is not about our abilities to return to God what He has given us. It is more of the faithfulness of God to bless us. Keep in mind that the reason why we can give back is because we have been given with so much.

Your Stand on Tithing

Do you believe that tithing is a faith issue? Why? How do you perceive the faithfulness of God in your life? Is God’s faithfulness sufficient for you to bless Him with the tenth of your finances? If yes, in what ways? If no, why?

It’s time to take a moment to discover how you personally feel about tithing…